Kevin is a Monster.mp3

Friday, July 14th

The Wake Up Call talks about Intern Kevin's bad habits making him out to be a monster:



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16 by the end and then sunshine I'll saline high of 97 you wake up call Zach sound sure this is a week's numbers you aborting every single Friday during the month of July we're broadcasting live from a town now around Sacramento I'd this week. Weird Elk Grove the home of intern Kevin. We've put in a request for a bronze statute be placed at a park around here. Well I don't know how tall a B we might have only been able to get it fir 46 inches by. We've certainly but to request in two on are you being a member of the wake up call and being from elk Grove's. Wow Bob what's it next week actually got word out where to be in fulsome odds would you do you have more details on if you weren't able to commence a good to see us today will be in full so my next Friday. I sill in certain Kevin you know last week we talked about how you went on vacation with your mom in your mom's boyfriend. In earlier this morning it came in Jim came buying and so. Hey outlook that the light. They've really thought I'd ever really lies and hustled people that have been coming up to a tiered Elk Grove. You know they've been stand. Yeah I heard Kevin talking you know about about his mom and her boyfriend Jim and yes these teams so mean. Then I wanna say like I am sure the cavities. He doesn't mean he's just trying to be funny and then giving Jim shell out here. Who are two of the sweetest people I ever at the umpire put their feet on the floor. And she. It's not with so. Hey and tape picture he always does our precious fresh Angel did time at home. Watching him grow from a boy to a name and yeah see him at yes that's doing his thing right so. That's what Jim was doing Kim took the opportunity. To come up to us much like a blinking hostage. He said to was should close to a study is so mean to me she's wise she adds. That's a cop bar at the actor playing an act of it what is she. She has covered up while. To a monstrosity. That happen now all be nice. I don't you care habits that I don't believe all. 00. Wired her mother's the sweetest thing I've ever seen and she said you're mean to hurt. View of don't appreciate jam. And then you and this is the big heavy the most mad you'd tell your mom that you're famous slow. Three. At Ali not apply sees it picking it hand picking them and give me that yield like I can just ask some very nice right now. Yeah okay here's what I don't I don't. I don't know I I really don't know I think there are kept at. Yeah how he has that I how good English. I think that. I'm just Flickr she outlets that can not tell because these are also alive and safe. To say. Your mom. Must. Love GM or the ill because he makes them food and not be all right you're grown up. And now with me. Out. Log outlet now look at her what would you prefer and it. I'd fire that trio that he won't OK okay that doesn't make well you're pretty well because she makes lots. Tell you right now what we did though. From now line and I think everybody will be pleased to hear this that when you start talking crap about your mom. And heard. Delightfully. Delicious hides her boyfriend Jim he is there again that she now has a phone number. Directly into this show now that she can call. Body that is why parents use screening. Phone calls yes talk directly to us and come right on the air to defend yourself. Deseret else that's my personal number wow. See. I won't comment. She sad that she's gonna make us an I wall I'll really. All part of the act and little does she now I'm gonna block all of our numbers. Kevin you look cups now I've not. I'm mostly Angel but he stopped. Dirty my cover hurting out here and I'll let let's get this Kevin can you give us three things you love about your mother of all right yeah. An idea guy I had guidelines go ahead I like. Apparently hair. How she drafts. Ever gonna keep things go really isn't okay and they are out now let's let's continue that pause now. Agassi doesn't say thing nice about being RC may look I'm not in fat I don't in fact. It's. Just say when your all's well like just like I you have a bag qualitative sense that he'll look. I don't know what it's cutting out there it is having you can totally changed the dialogue all of this if you move down 52 why you let I've been. Why that because I like to spread my wealth let other people and I'm. I'm not done. At nominates I don't put charities and nonprofits they get myself back to the QB David Wright I don't. Get at a home a lot of having a look at the local charities stand out ahead as the ago. Besides the end.