Kevin At The Museum Of Ice Cream

Wednesday, November 1st

Kevin recently went to the Museum of Ice Cream in SF like all trendy hipsters and took a bunch of pictures: 


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You know it's. 65 the end last week intern Kevin sprung it on us that he was going to go to San Francisco to check out the or is it the ice cream museum museum love I. Ice green is all the big rage right now since it for a limited time only in San Francisco no it's a tour right to go Randi different. It's a pop up museum and it's only parliament time buy tickets are already thought wow so let me add this Seoul last week an intern Kevin told us that he was going to the ice cream museum well it was 915. And injuring Kevin game does is it alright guys I'm gonna go have a great day really quick way to go and it's only 915 years to smear Pope and all I just die get a guts is differences go because I have an appointment. And their icy museum I would appoint meant yeah it there and there's specific time slots are eats take it now. The three biggest points that you had on idol and Dicey museum was one OK one big reason and as 'cause that's the height. That's why and CEO. It was farmer instead Graham. You can for the Graham did at program TO three because I loved ice cream and everything's sugary. Now I have heard though that the museum of ice cream actually has very little to do with ice cream and I think they weren't as they give me three samples of ice cream one in a column when an account and one in a spoon. And they also give you a cotton candy and also pop rocks and was gracious how. See you drove that car and paid forty dollars this is forty dollars a ticket right and Kevin has no money right. I'm 43 scoops of ice cream and pop rocks and a whole lot of if six gram oval pictures that are wires. More than forty dollar X these pictures so great I. Gosh they're fine the they make you look good because that's bright vibrant colors and so and Kevin alas it's two doses given suspended ice can museum we asked him Kevin who are you going to ice cream museum way S now here comes this class and I'm happy ending this and that's none of your business and joining us down well. And the implication there was. I got me hot honey yeah and word gotta go to the museum of ice cream and I'm that I impress are dealing here is hard to get ticket yeah let's go. And on yours to Graham not a single person he or within any of those pictures yeah. And you. And follow intern cam an ad like a boss Kevin on instant Graham if you wanna see for yourself but they did find that rather suspicious that. You said that you didn't tell us why you're gonna go to shoot ice cream museum way S and so I did some investigating why small. Oh. And I. And I found and are you into the ice cream museum rats Correia you know. Did you lie down another ten and I'll maybe should the big series that was tagged then no that was an F what was then I'm not gonna tell you. Here's the I EL. And that went away for three it's a lovely lady. Oh yeah. My yeah. Right now yeah. The same. Yeah you will. Constantly. Out of the well program group. I need visual he. And try to make it may be there is something leg whose secret and soared about that. And it gives yellow team that makes you want to know. About EC guys are thinking about all weekend we. And we know. We all know you are not going anywhere would one girl a year romantically involved. I back. Guys the way I'm during the transition in process of getting a sexy body then they'll happen I. History in these girls along because you've got the hots for all three number one remember another airline it's Graham grow still more. They had we. K there's too many questions coming out need to do we want to answer the sexy body first and it's a Graham Rex yeah. AAR IC body prayers. I have a line I have lined up. Potential Bay's because you guys know my deadlines 25 to get married and have a baby I have them lined up to see if they stick around till I make my. Would stress armies and right okay. Send our web packs and buys that and tries savvy thing on his stick with the girl who is Whitfield from the book try. I'm from d.s to beauty yeah. Well I know she likes what's on the inside not the outside because blade and outside gonna give her love some some slick okay yeah. That means and I'm sexy I'm gonna be sexy looking out. It isn't here and you're used to Graham true. I'm all none of them are on your instant Graham because. We signed a contract to a tee time there. No sense. I cannot disclose information about who like go away and whine because just in case people say how far month ATF TI things are they invited because I can't in my I had everybody that wants to be let me but they are all but they posted here and their pictures while yeah and then I'll watch. We're always so that's why every want to know of their pictures that I that they both said was I'd had their pictures just so everyone why can I ask you a serious question why is. Is anyone friends with yellow book. The way.