Kevin Reads Oprah's Favorite Things

Wednesday, November 8th

Oprahs Favorite things list came out and its the longest ever. We have Intern Kevin read some of the items on it in the snootiest voice ever, but Kevin does not know what snooty means.


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065 the end yeah so last week Oprah announced. Her list of some of her most favorite things like she does every holiday season. And it's the most ridiculous list yeah why why does she do this every year can I. People. Why. Because they wanna know how the other half blends and all okay I'll be honest I mean you really trust subtract. So it's like a lot of old likes it then and we like it. Okay thing. Guess. Some of these things on the lists are pretty ridiculous they always are. So we've asked in turn can Leman. In his bests high class voice. To give us a description. Of some of the things that Oprah has on her list. Biggest influence he had just play one right now and that I got to tell you about what I walked in on Kevin doing some personal gratitude glass tires. These had loans eyes on a pedestal base. How would it lives and come went 365. Bronze foil. Hi dawn cards club families who logged fifteen they truly appreciate. 45 dollars. OK so if you kind of picked up a weird accent to Kevin's doing that's what he thinks snooty sounds like. I locked Dan and I and I think Kevin record you record yourself reading some of things of Oprah's less because okay. Then everybody in that room said Kevin just doing the Scottish accent and we don't know why he's. I got one and I walked in the room he's no longer recording he's on YouTube. Good watching videos of people doing snooty voice of. Slowly game boy bode well now soured turbine made a quick dry fabric with Dave waterproof nineteen. These turban style shower caps come in five patterns and colors. To make that blowout last. Oh. There's an adjustable knob for just the right fit fourteen dollars a. OK so that's a. So did she burn things on a let's find a way that some oil and add it up all of the things all of her favorite things that this year you would have to pay thirteen thousand dollars to buy everything on the lip. It. Call up I begin so damn and makes it FEMA. Like oh my god everything on there is so extravagant. Things are forty backs and a few added that some of the things that we like her. Totally obsessed with I'm sure I'd make it seem like when your ball and still. It is her biggest list she's ever done so that might have something you do that it's not the price. It's Howell ridiculously pretentious some of the stuff fans. Here's the Heidi can do you are because they're very a gamble hit an online help pad but it Soledad. Heidi can do Arab preserve our honey do you can. No hanky and do herb reserved her herb preserver and with the ultimate growth a lot of her own Arab Obama often how it's the same problem. As the rest of us. They quickly go yeah quiche. I don't water at the bottom and a glass jar steel and keep their parents crash brought up to two weeks. Twenty dollars. Analyzer amazing job. And. Does it may isn't our did you say it all herbs still bad put him in this yard to the. Little water at the bottom feeding and got a little bit like what you'd like get a cup until Y the last one. Smart know our us nor our solutions. And and I didn't against the mark Norris nor disillusioned. You know our athletes nor are the solution. Against Thomas nor solution that doesn't involve mouth guards who knows trips or Strauss. It does involve a little Bluetooth enabled. Egg Satan device that sits on the nightstand. And it's triggered by this norm. Then Zach Lee and no lead. I'm sad and inflatable pillow in search had talked into a pillowcase. To move six. Sleeping businesses. And less than that no ways. 299. Dollars and. 300 dollars for a Bluetooth a pillow pomp and all you need for free to just go sleep by the county. So that's what you. A and men do we want more needs to live alone and fled absolutely not older let's again sometime Christmas season just starting and so got injured and he gives them know our god put you yeah. Know Laura.