Kevin At Sac State

Friday, January 12th

Intern Kevin is about to start at Sac State but has some concerns: 


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Six IBM. Katie and rainy it's a wake up call. But this. This is being sex staged fight song. Did this and I did I've never heard this before it should be done with Kansas is so it sounds like a bunch of these other park. A sport that's the reason is that the end up reasonably this is because our very own Angel baby is growing up. Intern Kevin. Had he is. Sac state orientation yesterday promoting intern Kevin. Good partied every line Kennedy got. How to rocks I have met so many heat ball I took about twelve pictures of people all self fees wade because they need friends already know Dave recognized me from this show you really and in your singer too famous for college and not to fate man I just want it right. I just gotta go she's hot Nina. Ought to be just like everybody else fair I don't want anything seats of the star power greeted differently. I mean treated differently is fine but I don't want people that think I'm above everyone now how do you mean you don't think that honey sorry I'll show you wanna be treated differently. But not. Two different. You know like I like that. Like I I don't know it's gonna be big man on campus. I know yeah yeah it's weird it's like win now James Franco went back this college or or what to face Sally port only. I don't know again it is not a blend in they did why it's. You know and yet you're like you're just like them did they got to Wear a hoodie and sunglasses to hide from everyone's public enemy. And again. Amoeba like when I look good I. Still. You have nothing more than attention. You appeared them on them going. If he had in turn count then I mean I do get butterflies but sometimes when I'm really big it's it's like get at how to mean. And this. Okay. Up from. On us and I am just kidding Kevin you love this more than anything. We knew locked in a class yesterday to disorientation in and all of these people started stopping New York whispering you could hear whispers. I am sure you probably like. Brush up half of your Kate yeah I. And then you slowly to W driving Gilani. And you only yeah it's me. I mean I say I say you know who I am wow how nice to meet Zia here's what I'd like to ask if you go to sexy and you see intern Kevin on campus please send us pictures yet. Well I fear paparazzi left and right why is he lied. And nobody rises Steve okay here's the other thing I would like I think people should start coming up to heal and just saying. Are you entered heaven knows say hello I can't tell yet. And that on the day I hate your. Hello yeah. Aren't saying you begin yeah and like you and they are not what does move or if they actually need. Not true yeah I. I can't have them Ford's really horrible hole acting and it's my hard. They think you're such. A big deal I think. Glad. Glad to make a lot of people doll because I I. I guess it didn't look good let me ask. Your question then if you had to choose between. Being haunted by fans to the point where you have to throw blanket over your head. I have seen Larry it. Let out nicely any threat to society a nice expensive bloody and have security Russia from class to class. All are happy no one recognize you and no one knows who you wall are we add them all into. Would you rather have. How long would it be for ever. I'll be recognized you know and don't have any yeah there's a parents who appeared time. You know what you're just like president trunk brutal we were lucky to have him devote more thought were lucky to have you go with sacks this week. I speak for the whole student body heat for this back wow yeah. I read them babies to have you watney to you know get their baby clothes and I yeah. 1065 B and.