Kevin the Sad Carrot.mp3

Monday, July 31st

Intern Kevin had to dress up as a carrot for an appearance at an elementary school moments after getting a ticket!



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65 the end guys someone on the wake up call broke the law they know they're. Yes they did you have so it wasn't me okay act but yeah I did not break the law. Yeah well hey you and your little intern Kevin around the law. Not willingly. Let's just start from the beginning. Injuring ten and I had a photo shoot at an elementary school for a second and a magazine yesterday. Huge because it's Gloria you know we there they handful of people involved but it is part of the F through literacy senator cell and we go to this elementary school. I get there about three minutes before intern cannon. I seem in the parking lied terrible look on his face so what happened would you do cannot hide and not this. By a motorcycle cop. All we are moving violation and could. Apparently I didn't stop up the stop sign. But there towards construction in the way so let's seems like you extra should stop and think it. No I gonna feel alone I didn't see the stop sign. If you could see on the right no no I don't think those on the side actually. I stopped at the scene got I I'm. And followed along okay worst reply on here it doesn't intend to tell you what I say or sit up it's like 400 all I know. Anaheim Barack know this cop did not care that I was Borough and now on the a 400 dollar fine now they don't know I can't take traffic school and I recently Don another ticket earlier how many tickets have you gotten turned them. That IA Michael and held unlike over the last three years. It's three years wow from sex but six putts four of them I appeal and it or. Ina well yeah I am indeed mean these are restaurant as a Kelly didn't pray for our holidays so I'm not sell signs are given in the parking light looking very down he's very upset I got another ticket for running a stop sign you locked into the school were signing up for this phone issued. The punish it is based on earth you know like fruits and vegetables in and in a school setting and nutrition for kids so part of the agreement that we had in doing the photos she wants. Entered Canada did just that physically area. Hope. He did not yeah yeah. Yeah. I don't leave me yes Katie what's your question what. Is there any doubt we'll ever know. And gray black. Question yes down and I am a picture of Kevin drunk than the sun does scare you never see on the no one up you a citizen video. I. Parent right now to 73389. If you would like his minions Jane guy who works and our creative department who's an amazing video here for. As you are setting up this not a issued heat was. Filming Kevin White. I don't think Kevin new rule that it is being filmed so all of a sudden all my god zealots like behind the scenes like. Yeah video. Occasionally takes care it's a seventy date I need to watch his video that was literally made on the fly and this is there. On the fly yet because it thirty seconds through right sell do you like this guy. I'm an actor and I wanna nonsense so badly I go ahead. I didn't know you don't really know now. Good fit the footprint we'll play. Old blue moon goods well yeah. The. I. On. On. Milan area. Most beautiful piece of art I've ever seen in my hand Larry and I'm glad my sorrow as your pen and. Yeah. It's also elected it's also illegal yeah. Do you follow below it and I think in the end quote you have. It's certainly not no now. Yeah in Vietnam you're making yourself look so bad so Mazar I would go back and and just leading to this. It is sad carriage carried out Allianz but I you know and I'm. Angry tomato now. And the long haul our lol got that Scott all right let's go around for sneaky little knocks it can be attributed to. Slow. Bodies they get pixel Bobby Jackson carry it to 7389. If you wanna watch intern Kevin's dramatic. I trusted and Karen. That's not. I'm Bonnie and again and didn't know you do. Probably see him because when technology is you can't see it. I was able to turn it on right but then the minute we were done it was back to sad all right Kevin he's the pro range he's approach is not a pro driver. Still wake up call and here's what's that.