Kevin Shreds His Credit Cards

Friday, January 19th

Kevin is in debt and the Wake Up Call help shred his credit cards:


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Wake up call one or six by the end intern Kevin is your good morning intern Kevin. Good morning and even listening to the wake up call for an extended period of time you know a little bit about entering Kevin's back story he's 23 he lives at home with his mom Kim in her boyfriend Jim owns. And Kevin C Cox yep. A intact Kevin is about to start school at sex dates. Kevin also works as AS server what he's not on this very low rated morning show a camera if I'm from recent outlets that. And I'd answer and Kevin is in debt please share with wake up call listeners exactly how much in debt York. How I hope my mom's not listening how god twining 5000 homage. I thousand dollars in debt and the majority of that is on credit cards right yup and what do you have to show for it. It's my happy life yeah it's 25000. Dollars of drinks at clubs yet lose. Latest iPods that receive and grow video games that I don't play any mark what concert tickets cots are. Are all that was a big line and also let's not forget terrible terrible financial decisions such as I'm going to buy. Two I thought and axes ought to credit card. That is right I forgot about it. That slipped one for profit and he did in fact flipped one for profit they had been did not pay off the credit card and he's bought it spent all of that 12100 dollars that he made out of it literally almost that night yeah I. You guys the way to waste too much street. Yeah that's me questions about bankruptcy. I explained what they grow he was. He decided okay maybe I don't wanna have anchor seat bankruptcy biology ground for many years well I can't top fives and credit he asks the all your credit card how many are there on I mean and even a lot but 34567. Eight eights aides credit card. A Kevin this is it is irresponsible for companies gave you know I'm. Good precedent giving you know I Greta V says there's a Disney one. My mother bees oh my god micro my credit lines are very high nobody loves me yeah. How big time money that why you so much. Here and we're gonna you know we're gonna shred these credit cards so that you do not live off of these and what it might have been too old if he's your car I don't get paid enough. If I shred it I start to pay it off yeah. All right so demo what you have yet this is shredder. I no we're doing that yes. Okay our family is really limited somebody's office here at the radio station and a regular paper shredder. The huge threat important documents went. We decided to play get in. Because it's no fun any just use scissors. Kevin you need under his seat and that that once isn't shrimp and I can't you have replacement now yeah. Asked you you have to start budgeting your man. Is you're not going to go into more debt using credit cards right aren't let's start with wait wait can I tried in there yeah. And I think goodbye. You guys gave me a good runs from Germany but apparently that. And I did. You experts are crying. I don't know what part of it. Here we go. There and Kevin's. Life. I don't eat then I can't do anymore. Dear like you give me yours out. I hope I. If they're doing. That was the American Express. Let my favorite game went out. And get is that these. Are now one game mean Michael scored everybody. Just said freedom unlimited on. Unlimited should never be have you here. Anything out late Amy and limited free training but only god here's another American Express I'm not there yet another. American Express. Like American Express the card or another these. Michael Moore and finally tonight this little Kevin let everybody know that when I handed the this stacked. The deck of back to Kevin he hit the Disney went in the back hoping that like I wouldn't see this line. That's my most ideal line it's in it's my mostly weights in my life. Give me discount that did we are we certainly what I'm doing hot to stretch out when I thought I don't. Don't. I don't need a big step tanked I don't know if I inning. But did more to match. I'm standing now I'm. Otherwise this is really sluggish around the way to go.