Kevin Sucks At His Job

Monday, November 20th

The Wake Up Call asks Intern Kevin to do a very simple task and he can't handle that. 


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65 the end so there's a lot of things that you hear intern Kevin do you on the radio he does a lot of sub behind the scenes TO. He would you Colleen is 766106. I he answers the phone talks he for a quick second it against your get your official title here on the wake up call a dharma vice president social media ambassador and keeper of all things Connelly well we got text message Kevin and you're sucking your job in the does tax yes. What is safe. Dear awake up call OS the Syrians what ever ass clown is running your pod cast. Parentheses. I'm guessing intern Kevin you. Yea I did you are she is very aggressive 'cause then off their game lately. Stuff is labeled wrong. Doesn't want uploaded for days. Even once caught a whole thing of just commercials. That never happens. Are you calling our lives there is blonde and I mean if he's got to come out he was very aggressive they. A girl. First of all ANC wants to be something else right now and come out east sideways and had done OYC has more complaints. Living in a hole YE. All our heart for listening although in Hawaii is hard enough without my daily dose of the wake up call get your ass together. Sell a listener says that they click done. A break of bars. And it was nothing but commercials. That is your fault what do you have to say about it for yourself that you believe because I had no idea impose any commercials how are you still confident. And I didn't and minds now pulled. I guess like Kevin knows but he didn't those commercials I met Kevin doesn't know how to get to the commercials and ours has to. Now why I was reading that text message on. Following the lord text messages. And just help sari in certain Kevin but the listener tech city in is right even though I love you know there are two minutes of commercials. Dwayne the rock Johnson and Lola. And Kevin. I don't know your dot I will listen to that laid Aaron and message we got still. All true and they used more than 10 so it's theory right I listen to apologize to every morning and she is very true. Oh and then. All eyes are you still look like this listen wake up call listeners we love the you listen to our shall pay any time you find anything wrong with the app or any of the segments that are on the podcast please let us know because we we each put this trust in the hands of intern Kevin which we shouldn't do it it's clearly fallen through the cracks in my defense in my defense then. And some days we have interns that did the web site. So I can so intern Kevin delegating this other interns ideology and manage the. That's not delegating I dare hi I don't want them to just sit there and read that Kevin Hart you know supposed to then double check their work. I do go check the mark but it is like seven weeks into today internship Deschanel right now. Anyway I do check I didn't I watched some duets you're supposed to check their work I until I check while they do it. Yeah that. Each year it's you know I'll step it up and not steak you left there from Hawaii. We'll take your feedback yeah she maybe you should zap and being allowed to go see all your favorite. Yeah EJ isn't. Yeah and no I you grounding. We should take away your perks. Free concert take yeah. Yeah right I you get to meet celebrities. And we pay you so let's take while those perks away right. I think gonna keep the pain I think legally we have to learn how. Fine fine fine you grant then why or how law. I you don't. I'll talk about it until we see a turnaround in your behavior. It's a sin intern Kevin I wanna time range we'd love you. We're doing this for you we want you to become better we'll try to raise you injure a good may end right there. That's right you are not making it easy you're right I gotta give you guys the challenge. No no no don't want to check out front Alan Murray there are stopped challenging I thought it might out be a traffic literally dog double check my wire. I'll make shared that interns have lunch before they go to school law again hey Carol at the last hole was but OK and we X sat all right you're still grounded Seoul say. Let's let's take grounded you're on restriction and far like two days. This team the rest of the week you are per collects. So get paid despite mean now going to do about what appeals will get paid no more perks. Some time it'll be your window is tomorrow to lose seven months so. And I saw my. I'm an error it's not and he wanted to be a short term at a time. Users have to make some changes. And I think you can yes 57. Months okay by just say not going to be today okay by I don't clean it clean the op as a.