Thursday, November 9th


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65 the end sell very kitty and I ate one of our favorite shows on Netflix is house of cards. Gavin hasn't seen this shelf mentally and I yeah we talked about it all the time. All you had to sell house a car show can raise sea wall they've halted production. On house of cards because of the accusations that are coming on bond Kevin Spacey. They gave the end of Jefferies career race so there's many petition going around online. To replace the Kevin Spacey yeah. On the house of cards with Kevin James. Kevin James from the king accordingly wit which is yeah. And that is an interest in school use it. Makes you wonder if people are simply suggesting Gammon James because his name is Kevin writes one Kevin that pops into our conversation we figured at least he should be considered is our own intern Kevin yes the very least now here's the catch injured Kevin have you seen. Some cards never in my life okay up frank Underwood is the president of the United States Ohio he's from super small town in. Georgia didn't charge out so he's got to make a very thick southern drawl all right in order to do is say you have a couple of lines that are are spoken by frank Underwood in the TV show house of cards and you have to give your best performance to be considered for this role okay. Yes okay let me let me get in the southern Southern Hemisphere spirit and I can only go ahead. Did you did. I forgot the new. Perhaps you hope I have. It's always some brass Mon and miss bonds every kid grows up to be a cat. They seem so homicide offense Somalia quiet it happened up that's awesome though. Well one Saint Cloud get it down enough they drawbridge and sometimes from the hand that feeds them. But those of us climb into the top of the food CA. They can be no mercy look there is about one rule on its we'll be heard here. The other dry you actually sound like games like a man home. Indeed what I like that creepy like I contract but numbed her. Hi guys I sometimes you sound like I don't know what were you just go who's who's the man boy. I don't buy that spirit that every one. This almost works 30. It needed to lose it then there were some lines reason I'm an Irish again which is kind of your go to write up. Com but while Kevin wow I don't know who's up and by the next front and why I don't know I mean you got my vote mr. Bradley. I can't then you OK so let's say you get around one I assume that they're gonna be multiplied you know. Unsure what would you do as your second addition piece that like to maybe show them your rain you shall OK okay. And another noisy than air yeah I'm not gonna care. Even in the same boys Kevin Spacey is is it all. I'll why albeit apparently allegedly creepy man you are chubby Asian boy so I mean you're not gonna be the same character right to know what a lot of character from house of cards I. Think you're still anything but your still gonna be him I but the name put on different back story. Our. Guys so get into that character now all right come up with something else. Why you are doing the same voice I'm good views and how they hit me you could sell as anything. Character you want to say anything hey gimme at seeing unions seem okay this feed is you're waiting in line that for the bathroom. At a cost and does the president have to do this I would want it the way it. I'm happy to answer and I. Station an hour wait you've got it he had the end of a plunger man hate I don't hear hey can use the bathroom and they'll abandon you. Are you're not Amador ear to ear asking the person billionaire what's taking his along and then you sort of start railing about how. Important your time spry OK okay I suspect foul gas intern Kevin auditioning for frank under wound with a for house of cards. Everybody. I think god is there. It's it. What a president or what president Underwood here. I need to use the bathroom and my time is very urgent there's a nuclear war happening and I really need to go on the needs you get out before sending Secret Service keeping your voice again give her four schools for a high so yeah. And I say yeah Brian I like by the way how do I. Gun hand at the doors tell I'm not I love it takes me serious but at the door. Yeah. It's better we've got to go off he's got to beat the low. Yeah like yeah I see pregnant and. Question I know why should. The president may bury the no god but nothing he. Yeah I don't think good servers well they did in the air isn't that what Bjorn yesterday I. And apparently are I'd be asking you really have got to know. What's next on the wake up call.