Kevin's Dogs At Work

Thursday, December 7th

Kevin brought his dogs to work for a photoshoot and he's being anything but responsible


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An intern Kevin is causing a ton of drama I hear the radio station this morning he really. It's getting Pitt still I you can see in his face I seen certain Kaeding came to us last week and said hey listen is it OK if I bring my dogs. Sneakers it or you know. To the radio station and hang out with us for few hours because Kevin needed to have a Christmas photo shoots in ours stage area with his dogs. Yeah. It's something be offered to the staff of. Now intern Kevin came up but the idea asked our creative department of daily did donate their time to set up the stage in to take pictures. In which there should be allowed to edit the pictures and put them all together now what happened next. Blows the mind of everybody that works here at the radio station as an intern Kevin produce dogs in. And then net. City water around and are created department and not run means and proved in the middle clean them. No no that's not what happened and a big. I like that and exaggerate so much. And by the hallway it was just one. I got him before he could finish through been to any dead Christ I got an artist but Gavin de halo loud mafia hit. It just tells that we want so that's why there was a bigger promotion and at what does all. Okay people came to me because they were upset that there was dog treat these these where they weren't gonna ball and you guys don't know about this. Did this club I do in the room then he wins and no. It isn't it we actually have the person who told me that they proved a second time just got caught up here. Jacob lead the evil genius from the creative department here at the radio station in a simple yes or no answer will suffice. Did any one of Kevin's dogs Cooper. On it on the sound stage that we have during their photo shoot. Yes Kevin you get those things like hybrid. And then there were solid and a liar anybody knows that the Pope is now. I know. I'll. Came out just sink my 200 dollars. Yeah. Yeah I day no idea when I yeah. Pending. This last week that they smuggled might have DN one day which is true. I'm responsible pet owner I irresponsible can I. Could. I took my dog out to go to the band I did three times. He's got your dog is so it here's the other thing kept cap is holding his dog he's holding it like on the bike you would hostage. And it looks terrified that's (%expletive) or how is that might beat and looks dead I'm pretty. I moved you don't really. I exaggerating. Leo yeah. I never finding a lot of jobs in your god does that mean with its ears and I'd never actually seen and I don't know how to read I assume it's the air. I'd cannon. Brad turn around. And apologized to Jacob hurt your dog poop being during the middle of your photo shoot there's an whoop okay Gavin. Is he doing this for free continually getting paid to do these pitches for Kevin and your word here. You prefer eight Gavin a person that's donating their time to make Christmas cards for you when your pads Christmas album Al Gore. Here you. You care. Christmas now Bob so you'd last year I did Christmas cards. This year I thought I would want not met one out there. And duke on Christmas album I'm on the phone what is. Its own so she does have a mall. Now he just have to take them. I don't see it happened how many sets have you made for this album before. It sets. You react. Can and apologize to Jacob. And say I apologize that aren't my dog proved to during our photos yeah that Jacob Jacob I'm sorry my dogs post because Gavin over exaggerates everything and has them in that apology and not men all non apology duet right. I'm sorry Jacob. That is something Georgia guys still I don't mind the bigger dogs pooped before our photo shoot because everybody has there and get ready rituals and you're putting has become bone photographed so I don't mind whatsoever but what I do have an issue it. Is in the middle of it you said. I don't give my dog treats they eat obedience. Okay well. I've done. Well then you. Don't you don't say no. By the way Orioles down again. And I got a rainy nevermind he's probably Gary. I don't every eighteen months to just even the mobile again.