Kevin's First Shave

Tuesday, September 12th

Intern Kevin shaves for the first time ever


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65 the end and think Kevin is a testimony morning injuring cannon guys I admired man he's slowly becoming a man and ask how these 23. 23 going on Tony far position we had a conversation with intern Kevin and one of the things he actually said almost just kind of like nonchalantly was he's never she moved. His face before or right never. It's not the heat and no facial hair what he had. As yet to close just see ahead. Is pre pubescent. Facial hair right you got middle school they are very much like we have a seventh grader minutes' time. Her dad to teach him how to. Take care of you have a peach fuzz mustache of tank and what's way worse than the peach fuzz mustache. If you look basically for a second I can count them he's got here's this chin yeah 1234. By about six. Is that fix hairs on his chin and tender and sand and their long yeah like there long enough words like you do you eat that. If you isn't seventh grade he would be proud of those but should you are your grown up yeah and we got to shape yeah a long time. Facial hair of someone that needs to be asked every morning if they remembered but on yeah. I thought I had extra so we're teach you how to shave today we decided it. May be giving lecture it may all raise your maybe a little too convenience for you yes agent for top harder on. Literally played him like I ordered four. Did. Revver complex and critical thinking what I've heard so we did is we got you. A lady decade. Yeah yeah sure she ever sell OK first things first Kevin. What your face splash some water please don't you know don't just a guy that allowed it. Why certain much like your manic here is blasier Randolph when she's about to you know the pair of relaxes a lot of work this is you splashing water and he'll careful because yeah yeah write a bomber Eric. I'm expands our wet and I many of paper now OK okay okay I'm right you're exhausted okay. I see you know we're initiating from the far right. I am that way about OK okay I well I out too much to snap heaven heavy every shaving the bed a little bit and whipped cream now. It and taste it doesn't sounds great and that's. And they take these take some and this is cheap this just she barber thought I was gonna give you my good stuff so I think they don't doubt that just what it but all over your face yeah Oliver there's not a lot we are shooting video of this isn't a lot. Amid a little let's get days and actually get your neck. Yeah my exact Derek yeah how we got very well he's like okay you only do the copier and oh yeah yeah. Well right now about putting it back a lot of wasted a lot plot tour I Kevin McCain and governor. If if not comment on it and I'm just. All out campaign cabin please splashing water all over the equipment to thank. I took the guard off this razor he Karen look at me. This is not a boring I'm not unlike I don't know. Had you only go down not you don't need to go against the green that's that's advance okay. Only go down never side to side who had given the club back on them. Go side to side and your cut your Mac O all of that in. And I don't want to say it pretty well I haven't lost recap which direction on gun down a little down down only. Home only on our side no fancy squirrels all night were shaving insert and Kevin for the first time ever were videotaping this two of you are watching Dick Cheney met. 73389. Already your first lawyer okay. Do you shaven even FaceBook more I don't I think I remember I shaved my grandfather's face when mom. Always so neat about got this craven Bernie and at the we're not okay ready I'm Letterman's show up. But yeah unlike this I don't feel anything in dean's momentum. And that's kind of the idea small motion and then Dwight little little water. Got that's okay Barry go. Actually am nervous that I am still for some reason in your lips can go down your neck like hey it's. Okay why I don't. Might that often he. When you react did you have a heavy beard you just go up and now our god is there no doubt I'm going to be huge and announced that they nag you go up like this was stupid right. You only did little hairs on his Jeanie chin chin are sticking out of room though. And again that they get why yeah sure how. Through the shavings see that you check cool. Stuff there there yeah. And now OK so do you feel different the only good. Before OK and I think that felt like it all off a great 1115 an eerie honesty don't have hair any album this. I look different yeah. Yeah look like a male. You all why are you look like you're ready for a job interview and yeah. Next guy doesn't teach you did tonight I think that's true I Darryl I got. I'll I'll I did you don't watch his video now of intern Kevin being CAD you can text shave right now exhibit 3389. Next on the wake up call.