Kevin's Monster Zit

Thursday, November 2nd

Intern Kevin has a monster zit and the Wake Up Call is about to pop it


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Call 16 hi Andy and hi guys we have. And we are glad that we have. I beings in the studio right now wow wow I was an email us right now what are Katie went down that path. I RBC the four of us in Kevin would you like TA introduce ST year pimple on your nose. All of Rhoda. Update cat had the vegan. Then on his face and a receipt. And here's the thing now in my town like army and Donna DO. I am not I am actually mad because I tried to get that thing that growth and low. I think you would let me and this happens and you won't accept the help. OK let's preface this icing on the cameras really closed practices by saying that Katie has he mad passion he inferred popping pimples. It is and it's disgusting I don't wanna gonna. Passion and yet let's call it is. It's my call. I said Kevin why haven't you done anything about this is like I have been on for several things I've tried to Providence Sauer put several ointment on it I went to hold two above point Linz. I'll think oh hold true but it seems like it's still OK I did rather travel size to buy dot com I also tried to run into a law to kind of pop then why Hayes sat out. I really did. My lie you may I add it into and given a sitting here with daddy sure Don I don't want blood on my white shirt I'm wearing wage I feel like cabins at least one day a week where he feels like he needs to take your shirt off yeah I you do really for no reason Diego. Well I want people to know my progress I can. I. Karen. Made permanent because I'm gonna scream moment mr. Michael yeah oh boy this isn't hurting my name. Yeah all that progress and say OK hello all well my god okay I'm a videotape this and I use. I'm not by the wow can I drink my mom come on now. I just nervous that I now. I know it doesn't apply. And let the. It is not helping Mike Green team who should thank god go I don't know how about. Yeah well I didn't. All of them all bike and Kevin you're screaming so loud people walking up to the studio window. You anywhere without a shirt on the right. Thank god she ought. Loved Audrey and was there. All. They weren't. Well I wouldn't. Hello I added I listen mr. sesno joining us on the right. There and Kevin's days. Oh my yeah. More houses go yeah I seriously. Laughter it's Hardin small. Dialogue. Did get it it's OK okay is that. Yeah it's little. Lineup why did it on its on the trash can didn't apply it and then yeah I was behind. Clearly it literally wanted to be out of there is old hat and. Oh my god it's still really now that's so gross. I thought oh my god. And. Yeah did you like yeah dad dad oh my god it's so many film here. I. Ed Ed maybe they once the seed. I know why you would. That'd being amazing. Text zip VI eighteen to 733892. -- I shot it in slow motion time. And they did so much work. We'll put graphic warning I bet text to Vick does 73389. No no I end up not. Initial thing is birth her. Yeah it hurts again can I get a honeymoon is all. The hole a few days few losses on them no mind cannot navy. Book tour I'll warm OK okay I can't can't quite. I. Why can now. Are you. A cup but he's what's next on the way to go.