Kevin's New App

Wednesday, August 23rd

Intern Kevin hasn't been getting any work done because of a brand new app he has downloaded: 

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Wake up call 165 the end diplomat put it into get a bead on him and I hear you used to be playing with us on the radio and my work done anymore all he does is play some new app. It's not a new app I've been plane and I get my work got done. And then I play yet what are your what's the game it's cost Troy Al okay would that mean it's it's it's up to play on. Not for our class of clans and as a way finance and they real wave Connor okay. A lot of strategic plan being harmed and will power and persevering and say well how are you got it sometime this issue down sometimes you're like I don't wanna play this game I can't. But then you Connie did happens as you know what. Eight is like an analogy for lack. It's gravy city you have to have clients are claims the players now know now with the different top white vote to defeat the and on which is the word that playoff. As well. Why not a lot of economic and heard talk about and yeah I can tell you about the game when Arnie yeah I really what do you need to do. I can't. Indeed a yacht kinda you have the day I'm different cards and then he is a deck. A deck consists them. Different cards and then you play those cards in a different strategic matter to overcome and take over that enemies can tell you that you got it to see is that it he. A client you can play a team you cannot would be fine and viewers might clam up. Perseverance O. They didn't bring. And do it does now joined their random car. Because I learned I mean yeah and their emblem is pretty cute. It's it's a jam and the green on JAMA guy and it sounds bright okay so well. As somebody who has this this act made him plainly I Asian nation conquer your clan they can't cars in my area and why they can try and beat anybody does not gonna how can other clans band together to defeat one clan I don't think so I think they probably could and I encourage everybody who has done it why this kid and together. I wanted to conquer the clam perseverance. And why do the mouth all the I you glad. Understanding this is an. And app on your. Well yeah assets. Actually easier losers car and not a loser of card game OK what do you play candy crush injuries guys there and you know he. Yeah he does not like he needs to do any time. I don't leave any doubt by any. I hear you yourself. Kevin Kevin okay first of all if he does buy something disease she opened her mom's credit card I mean that's willing to my thought please don't play OK why don't. They're. The rain mainly on race and all I need right. I got it up exciting seeing hey honestly I was actually down them but then some people just I go up and down your legs hold on hello disabled and Hollywood screen name is -- re dogs they're called on Syria last year winning turned Yemen is all about how c'mon guys still have that our. Gee your. Ever allied thinking mr. Pokemon go anyways it was is the new thing now as is whatever one's going to be playing well I still Pueblo money and us this assigns. OK so what is his screen name. Kevin Paul and aides kept. IPhone. Only players. I. Don't look lonely and is buggy when you own DeDe got W and pollen it's when you. Ruin someone's cell hardly cry let's have. Image tapped on his cab being my name and a pwn and then that positive out of that positive form. Columnist Tony edge Syria I think Aaron I'm now. Then and now. There are some of pollen is prone and when you pound somebody like you own them like you like you'd destroy them why you may think Ross okay because you're about to be blown because I've been pushing all I know. Yeah.