Kevin's SDCC Application

Monday, November 6th

Intern Kevin wants a press pass to San Diego ComicCon. 


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165 the end you guys remember a few days ago I was telling you an intern Kevin came in in he said he wanted to put in requests. Like a press requests. For our San Diego comic con Aaliyah and 'cause we we may even come up with five things that he would do down there right. He wowed us by coming up at seven writes two of them were good right so what he did was easy putt a letter together on 1065 the end letterhead. That she has descended into the people of the San Diego comic con. This is garbage. Yeah. I'm not gonna submit this aura Briard the wake of calls not gonna approve this is the way you wrote this don't know. I had nine Y how much alma realize there on the wings eBay thing. I mean the programmers or others were little words that are spelled wrong I mean I did it though and that inning I gave Graham are wrong all of you usually word is supposed to tell me and my grammar is bad you're supposed to know and human being no. High school all our Ed it's something he's struggle if have someone proof read it before you turn and it I'd soon hear the four points after like this seven. He went through here on the wake up call of what he wanted to do while at comic con these before that made it interview people where they are from and why did become the comic con. During the interview randomly threw an absurd questions to see their reaction. Amber TO. What to do it comic con did video what to do at comic con for listeners to experience San Diego comic con from their homes that was actually one of the things we told you was the worst idea you came up well. IE go around is a case. Go already own tell people about how I got my superpowers in the I'm actually real superhero and get their reaction out you routed out loud I scared the grammar. It. Does have a listeners come up with a list deposit play they think will be at San Diego comic con and I gonna hides taking picture with each one. And then lastly in capital letters it says the kind. This is this is what he wanted to submit to San Diego comic con to give the approval of his press bad true. So in other ways he's just trying to find a free way to go right he wrote you praying bring back good contest and show ideas from the public fine. Kevin Clinton and all captain yeah. Yeah isn't too much like inside inside staff what we're talking about yeah. What other reason is why the comic con people are going to be willing. She did you a press pass as opposed to make you despite picking at. Is what they want to know is how is again a ban of. And then. Look at your talk in detail about. I now but wait there's Kevin ever had a thought of what will this do for somebody else might now. Bingo there's tons of gay men and finally content everything goes through the filter of what's in it for me. Gavin brings about great point in all four of these points the word I he is in all of these. I didn't tell you just said I'll replace that of what what word you. Good I want to say hello and playing with the Wii U in the goal around and tell people how you got my super bad. It CNN lone body god and you wanted to send. Then this these in the latter. The little free. As. With the way she had not been denied you are all that I didn't miss Sunday then dad. I better let it change it to pitch it has a sales port saint subtract a right did hey I'm gonna be lied hello. We are the number one radio stations in sacker man I'm next to him. Out so my gold star would we are almost numbered two lines run Ellen. We now have that I'm here to give you coverage on our social media. How about Blake now a follow where it's more than 101000 okay. I think I am not raising give you this Brad and other media based bigger than word of mouth a bit which benefits them how. Benefits them far more people Lonnie to apply to buy more San Diego comic con because of pastime follow my okay itself that every year sell. Well now it there and it's gonna saw even more even more. And possibly more than 101000 young followers yeah all right. Our cash I would Kevin you this is due very soon and see you're gonna have to put this together quickly and you're voting on a word I wanna. Don't wanna go anymore oh my tell these stories have been good yeah as a lot more at me why. I didn't I didn't I want to go to the Betty I don't gotta gotta be you desk didn't so live with your mother forever. Hi I'm. What I. Outfits that I got so why would I would give fire departments anyway is. Need. To get checked her Brady minded and how. Yeah.