Kevin's Tips To Lose Weight

Thursday, June 14th

Intern Kevin shares some interesting ways to lose weight:

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When I was six I BS the. In rain it's the way of car. Yeah another wake up call top five these big top five ways that you can lose 25 pounds. Even though we think that some of these are pretty basic we're gonna require the help of our own expert. Weight loss professional intern Kevin here in his second big gap and give us the top five. Are here ago. Number one get moving. No crap I'm number to fill up on fruits and veggies young hungry. Shop some sheltering him mouth the carrots check. Odd number three don't drink your calorie Sallyann no more soda no more blues you know just water water water. I'm a poor keep track of everything that's the one right I can't I cast. From the heart and their friends later years some of that shocking. How many calories are in something that you realize you eat you eat regularly and and the last line don't make weight the only measure of success. They can't speaker and she is. I'll hear your health how I feel you know are you sleeping better stuff like that basic stuff. Those are secrets we wanted to know from Kevin what are the secrets. Is incher and Kevin's top five ways of losing 25. I'm glad you acts because this is rich information. Our wine. He lost their way out biter are OK you don't need extra calories. Right sell because it's like guide a crustacean as a necessity seafood early and I necessity. Publisher and otter. But because then you still eat lobster I would go back said they eat clam. They OK okay eat you don't need to eat that all the time at the Austin as you do. Yes I do know OK I don't I feel very weakened woozy I don't want that are direct still stop eating sweet after every meal. You do do that I know I may eat something salty I need something sweet. Yet is this true yeah this week after and precinct and yeah I call asleep after I sweet step for ration. While I was really argue it's because that's like all the bad. I'm good. He had did you not see him over the weekend all weed day we were together and always there was just have like sounds like burgers cause it was so I agree on out. None of us. Went on to have anything else. Kevin then left and came back with the biggest butterscotch ice cream I've ever seen human consumed and you know what he said after he was done. I need dessert now rank and. Butterscotch ice is that I need is there. And then later on that night I hung out with Kevin and he had to get euros because he had that desert yet today. You did he likes suddenly like our Hershey's high aid. Are. Unhurt he's sad day via do you have to it's a shame he will now aren't so let's cut that under the what's an excellent. I tell yourself you are lucky bidder every morning when you wake up. Does that yaks it's been working I am love in my body right now. Slimmed down one centimeter. Today. Thank. Time you've talked about telling yourself things and the mere. Have a lot. How long does that take you everyday give yourself positive affirmation than the mere. Just dogs in the near. Avenue elected then and then lock on adieu my bag I got there at the time he also said that you down everybody and raptors aren't that's the laptop and I'm going to do depression now that I'm not a way out of just yourself and you will be an. Opposing them try it. They're very easy I excellent. I'm stuck using motorized cart that supermarket. Do you want it's you expect me to go down five I don't. What that car. Yeah. Yeah I figured JV I need a little car I had that bat. So people know how and what I know you weren't that pops up get up out of it. Cannot prevent the Democrats people figured out why. You bag card so. You why. Didn't get your car. So yeah in that cart how can they prove that I don't have a leg to its ability great equalizer. And I mental disability. So they can't work and I we can't eat yeah. And I. Last line. Where dark clothes. Hide at the hide your not to hide you Ott is scientifically prove then you went darker close you looked in there. Right but that's not major not hiding anything it's still there but we're looking for launch Ted write you. You cut like that you Wear dark colors put not really right. Appearance wise maybe but not actual weeks you had 101000. Making use heavy you want all of the things I IL.