Kimye Baby Name

Thursday, January 18th

Kevin gives suggestions on what the Kimye baby should be named: 


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Wake up call 16 of the and as announced on a wake up call the other day Kim Kardashian ending Kanye West's. Officially welcoming their new BB into the world's their third child. All right how big are on the platform. I am as young to be announced though what the name of of this new baby is end actually one of our sources said. The are rejecting offers to sell pictures to magazines and web sites. As high as five million dollars sprint and first pictures of new BD. Kim Yang so we sure are the idea is they haven't publicly announce the name of the new Kim Yu ADB. We would ask are very concerned Kevin. To come up with what she thinks the new names of the team UA BB should be good morning intern Kevin. They're background of their hobbies when I I don't care a night so we know the egg jamming Gagne is oldest daughter is north -- and their son is saints are acts so intern Kevin what would you say they'd they should name it their newborn baby I got a couple of names give them some options but the first one is going to be key sell you would be key west's Key West. Yeah OK yeah I'm. I mean that would that's how I like to see it entity that sounds like something that like somebody who was like really into Tommy bahama would do right okay we can pick it up the Leno how I didn't see. It's a lot of man if he may see spell that. An IPR. And I am PZ why did the there's zero yap process. Asked because it's so urban and that is sad your wonderful named and that it did you come up with a name from. And soon. Hard hotter than that it's lead at that sound like a Harry Potter character out like I admit. Mel like that's like what Dhabi is friend's name is OK I. Richard Nixon he's a possible names for Kim Kardashian Kanye West's new baby I this is a play off of Kim yea the daughters they gonna beat Kim yeah dot. Kim yeah OK Tim yacht last so we Colin Kim yea which is a combination of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West and you're proposing that name be what again Kim dock Kim yacht doesn't fat. OK so I can't really it's just made that sounds put together and it can't know it's cam yeah plus ENHL. At the end of that yeah Saddam. Haas I. I got I thought our I know I want okayed it OK I'm going to let her. Who went Kim car nasty and Israel itself. I'm this is gonna be inspired how about I believe none of that. I know what. Ready okay pretty unbelievable last why why that from her roots. Who went this year again for our media and its army finally and we have immediate need a day. I. Believe there aren't you filing an hourly you know last OK how about I'm a hit less. Smell. On hit I'm hit on it yeah on a week ago without too ugly. He didn't have a intern named Garnett on heat and she also is Armenian. All I. Oh did you tour media names hero like ala like this line Affleck you pretend that you were gonna be army in daddy not all was that one did you friends around when you did this only our producer only year prison UN gave first second role played that you weren't the mayor daddies and yeah. I'll OK I want great why that you know at the meanings are those words are those names. Absolutely not I. Yeah yeah I I didn't let me out. Aren't there I they don't know would be an example. It's abstract he could think of anything you want okay I'm talking about the potential names of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West BB what he had necks in China. How about assets. On our non us plans. I hate them I did and since last this it is so many s.'s in that well also it. It definitely sounds like an adult film star owned by Powell. I mean do allow you to get a 360 Iowa and they're. Exactly where you were thinking how and why well maybe not closing. You like and visit a porn star named and don't relax says Katie. I have a K saying if I did shoot. My favorite name. Is Nancy. Jordan Molina. And she pretty yeah makes you. Second I am fine with me and see two of has that whole area. Especially also because I don't know work Kevin thinks he did a research but the main Molina is actually slob make him. It means gracious which I'm sure will never applied to any of their can I how can call and with a 165 B and.