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Monday, July 17th

The Wake Up Call discusses the controversy of kissing kids on the lips after the David Beckham story. They encourage listeners to call in and things get hostile when a listener voices their opinion: 


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611 on the wake up call at a 65 BN 80000 dollar cash Kodak today starts at 7 AM. Four times today three to 1000 dollars 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM breeding a thousand dollars richer hold onto the idea text number 72881. Will do it coming up 7 AM on the wake up call. 6:5 PM and his article came out last week that David Beckham. Posted a picture up on a social kissing his five year old daughter harper on the lips now as parents I'm sure that that street guys totally cool console Elian. The Internet was not having it. And social media went crazy you're kidding now I guess that's not surprising is the first happened Beckham's deal there I feel like the same thing happens evict her up unfortunately and while I mean she's too pretty you do remember that you he went on the FaceBook live interview instead quote I got criticized for kissing my daughter on the lips the other day he said I kiss all my kids on the lamps in many jelled maybe not Brooklyn Brooklyn to eighteen he might find added bit strange okay arrow I mean I still kiss my doubt on the lips. I mean if I said. We'll examine on the lips but like I see my god in my hugged gimmick isn't cheek 7661065. If he had a second call the show with a teacher opinion on this is this something that is apparent. You're cool way if you cool with the fact that people came to some let's all work our people in our people blowing this whole story out of proportion in. I huge. I don't know who people are that are having a problem with that as you can't imagine. There. Having a problem but I feel like that's different than actual people that makes set like not a real person. And retold. Cult issue like people I don't think people sincerely have an issue with the I did this look at percent of the bitch about yeah welcome to America and I think this is an example on now I. Eyewear is kissed on the lips from my parents when executed for sure of course obviously anti did you know stops at a certain age. And is focusing on the left well. Politicians start this UN she'd squeeze by C. I'm glad you let you up. On that yeah well let that's so sweet. 7661065. We want to know if you are OK with kissing your kids on the lips but it cured stint. Give us your opinion we wanna hear your rationale behind us got Rick from Caleb hi Rick the morning Gerald Lawrie. So what would you wanna say about this said David Beckham article. I don't think purposes so I'm playing that we need to be talking about we just you know I don't know I have a hard time understanding why he. Do you think it's OK 82 kitchens kids on the lips and I just I don't know I think it's really inappropriate. Is you know lifted it to be honest here it's. I could replicate especially for a grown man to tissues. Cute daughter on the mouse because we've grown man knows what that can be Q and yeah water separate which is I think it's changed their corporate. He is do you think that. If Doug wrote it if a grown person kiss is their child on the labs. That will be titillating for that breaking get fat and after that you think yeah. I have piled it up. Up and I'll get started. I think I held. Miles good start and I am kiss my children on the let so many times and the Italians still a lot of had a bye now. As we can appropriate you know it if I just don't think it's right to just keep on wishing you could see if I acted like I wouldn't I wouldn't medical. You don't even have kids. I don't know I doubt I mean I guess that opinion like yours that's probably a good thing. Your parents never give G nonetheless how well I mean I could've told you about her current. I did you also never got hugs. Look I figured that this is what color is is is this seriously. I don't think it's appropriate I don't think it's something that we definitely not be talking go read a game in the law. Could trust that our delegates you'll understand that. I and a mother of three I have kids every single one of my kids. On the malice. Since the day they are born. My father on the lips when I leave is how us and guess what my dad has never tried to DO program. I think I think you're having so many opinions when you're not even a parent. Nobody that terrorists to not like this he's gotten bigger and getting it back to change your kids on the list but the real problem. In our borders overclocking at what you need help if that's. OK on. What are showed physical action right shoulder all right. Not yeah. Listened rake races stop do you got called shell and start throwing stuff around like candidate not cool meter wired network no cure out. So are well George you called his radio show and you try and express an opinion like this week we'd let you come on easy and it auto row quick trip I start what now days. Out of clothes. I'd like I I'm speechless right now not even. Nothing wrong with my actions that might show him I can listen to that idea is calling me that I can. Any analyst Danny what was it if you're gonna Collie shell and it does not call people names were not good to have you on the show anymore I'm the it and it does not kidding man. I'm sorry but we appreciate the call thank you for calling it a great day. While Rangers got a real angry. Wake up call and here's what's next.