Kitten Cologne

Monday, March 20th

There is a company that is now making perfume that smells like kittens! Is this a good idea? Ladies, would you ever want to smell like a cat? Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the new perfume:



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Chasing Gavin and Katie one thing I BM. I tried to read your mind isn't one of my 54 by feeding Gavin and I we found that about a new product. It's gonna make you guys go almighty god we need this in our life okay there's a company they just announced. That they're selling a new Cologne. That Meeks. You smell. Like to look at it don't pay gas and yet he's he's a. Think it's something that I would really light it's not traditional in any way. But I'm fairly certain you'll go oh my guy knew how could you possibly gas and gas Powell. You can't let me see things that I like. Margarita. Now that's something that's like I kind of like a predictable thing I don't deprecating and unpredictable thing is bolder more flash flood. OK but who knows about it elements now I. KJK Rowling Inkster there are a lot of things you are really into lake. But it's not like you know it smells like invading people's personal space right that doesn't have to smell smoke like despair. And I also like bad yeah. I shouldn't say with the says yeah. Is a new clone again it smell it makes you smell like kittens. I'm home all night. Okay all right OK you know I. It is. It's very rare for me to say I think it's gonna make huge say something you both sad how. You'll ever smelled a kitten Jason I believe IA had held the line and you. I remember and make you do it is examining that it they're the glow amid a big he's not getting the and yes and I tell you all going on here. But speed just did an interview with Emma Watson. The lovely gorgeous animal wanted and during the year view they unleashed a roomful of kittens on her and thought. If she did go into the question gets what she couldn't tell you overcome. So why. This thing is basically spring is do you want apple watts. It's not yeah. Really let me let me hold you could lure her what yeah it's called it's called Hermione truck you know you with the kids. It sounds bad luck in any candidates and I wanted to add to this is a couple early assume if this is out. You are onto something that I'd be companies have been called Demeter it to meter free add fragrance. Dot com you can bias there it's available in big sizes and little sizing trial sizes and this is mean try. There's some 100 I had seen at the didn't have Jumbo demeanor. Smells like your article yeah coming up it's called this is it from the website it's called. And yeah he's eating he's there he might have done better. I mean I don't read what they run. Yelled. Cats love them or hate them there's no in between. And everyone loves kittens who now after fifteen years of effort now we've given. Now why you will never be able to get every lady in the world. Right time now for fifteen years of effort to Mir has captured the factory essence. And comfort that. Six spot just. Behind kittens neck yeah Craig and fragrance that truly. And so will and. I tell you might Mary first Ani do you see ice agree it's. As when you told me about my external reaction I want you know the Mike in her re actually you told me that this. The it's a seed has become a reality we wanted to crack. I get it you know why his team never smelled badly they threw all of. Have a lot of the had a snap on it would be the smell of the kid yeah. Yeah independent he talked doing what your definition is love now now I wouldn't buy all right so. I couldn't bottle like hey how they also have other products out there from Harlem giant sequoia new baby and yeah gin and tonic. I mean I get I get all I can't do revenge play I mean they did before they smell they sound like air fresh air is not alone. But I regardless though man if you are and if you're a guy and you just one bad tea have a one nightstand there have. I'm sure things if you separate yourself with a new baby too you know why I think that back because new baby's just gonna make it sound like you have a baby and it's gonna have like you would just go yeah yeah. I think to saddle I think it is like that he smells so good that they can't explain why they just know that I procreate I think it would. Lead to a weird conversations between my girlfriends because they would false ceiling and they'd fold these suckers says they would be drawn to the smell and a friend to me like. So who I have a weird question for you. I've been watching you from playing with yarn for. What's up she's like I really don't know but okay. Let's say something else last night at this incredible sex that this guy is not a audit firm and like a really tricky. And why you stopped using silverware altogether. And we could go down that why you moving in a box when are you killing mice that are very different Spanish whom he just about a fantasize. Wake up close one side DN.