Kylie Jenner's Prom Date

Friday, August 11th

Albert Ochoa took Kylie Jenner to his junior prom and the Wake Up Call gets the exclusive details:


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It's a wake up call. 1065 the end we talked about destroyed back in April when it happy and Kylie Jenner flew in to be a part of my prom night eight and a real America and a high school. And it's was the special best of Albert Ochoa and he is here with us today Heidi Albert I housing John. So I'm we what are the touchy because for awhile you could. Couldn't really talk about the situation that happened and how you look ministry Kylie Jenner to fly in the Sacramento to go to prom with you right yes now you can automatic of the episode aired yes. So yeah number one question I'm sure people I know is how. Did you pull the. Yes. Series south Sunnis Shi saw oppose. I minute sit out a year. As the big fair and. She she saw posts here I'm kids are making as school and serious doubts remain and they so I'm on the set something up and they surprised and oh however say what was the poster who is saying I'll order Chinese a date to prom I did have a day. First off how does. You hate her problem this is for all all the people at that high school I'll what's wrong with all of you. Perry as play second of all. This wasn't your idea. That makes it ten times better by the liberal yes ten times better. Actually guessed it was one of those like. You own late in many Al and highly please come right I mean would you obnoxious at this point yeah that's the only eat so okay so you basically got an arranged marriage and from the and who once that did you find out who was that it was her idea. I'll see John now you resistant is they were it would. Do you enjoy outstanding thought it was funny I just kept doing me a concern and we're the ones that the joke which you or were they like picking on new was more like picking. Yes how. They're stupid they know nothing like it these are your friends they weren't I actually yeah there why our schools are you. Sort of posters are at the tagging of highly oppose him she's host a series do you bags so keep. Just need me or making posters that said you don't have a date to prom. Yes I can't Albert a show why he's here he's a senior at Rio Americana high school he's on it took Kylie Jenner to prom back in April did your not your mom you see is easier she's wonderful and. T seen all the oldest was happening correct. They says she really did they ends and Intel Leo yes I'll try to take this the timeline so you show a lot she shows up. Then what happens after adapters are addressed the course of the night they and base that I wanted to pretax some going into this I think I want a free tax so. Basically from there I yeah I would pick a series what every kid wants. Not a MacBook and her record very aside Nicosia and finally she's on Larry is like Iowa with all black on black our public and everything else from guy. And eventually day asset I have a surprise you and she locks and then yeah. When you go all out. Which Kiley on your arm and you know how did people react. It was everyone immediately small arms and it was very hard so while there is so I find any of those and those a holes made the posters I did all I know is from every line. From ages Ding aegis against a lot of myself everyone wanted to be my friend and I have a two part question a and did you get a cupid shuffle. Yeah yeah he he's bloody. OK at that ignore the first question just yet another second so we can't really even move it was I love it and we decided on the balcony and they go from people just started chanting my name and we just had a really good time. A basically removed it was a warship did you like. I think it was a fun night I decided -- opening a lot of doors Alberta tell us what does he's the guy attitude Kylie Jenner to prom in April so what you're a senior now track at Rio Americana excel how you gonna top yours had your junior problem with your senior prom a lot of you asking guys I guess there's have to wait to find out. I doubt you're gonna get a day now though her. Somebody was the be like yeah I you know who we went way before me Kylie Jenner. I wanna draw parallels here with some idea of Cinderella. That Pepsi commercial right no that's the other ones now if you wanna take her to prom next year. Good idea. Which was that. That was Kendall Kendall yeah. You go to Ken doll just Kendall Kendall not Ken doll and all to one of the questions I've always had all when it comes to stuff like that was to show the way to show aired was that. How what happened in real -- great question yes you this is open a lot of doors for you what does that mean non some now on modeling and that's always a gym honest I wanna pursue our own minds do chandeliers and mentally with your and makes so my answer is our mission Missouri five -- Slater and sound chat views on the 05. Yes I was not double fly. All fight isn't a thing only it's this five tool both for the time. Not Arctic wolf thanks for coming in thinks you're a been a part of the show it's elegant cool experience I I mean is it you might meets the hard to top this body image of Susie and I you do it because I don't have so I think you're gonna top this. Familiar topic twice.