LGTB Prom Proposal

Friday, June 22nd

Katie got asked to the LGBT Q-Prom and shes super excited:

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Okay. 106 IV and this is special guests in the city of today I Kelsey and Jesse your hear from the LG BT community center hi guys welcome back pass Hank thinks they're having in our teens that we love having you guys in the studio you guys always have something going on. It tell us about the Q trauma haggling on its sex tape so Q promise coming up does actually attend the annual years so a really big year for asked. And we're super excited and and it's on June 30 this year from seven to eleven at the acts sack on a C university ballroom. The theme is neon lights which is super exciting so everything groan the tired a little last. We're really excited for it let let everybody know what. Q prong is for people they don't. Q prom is a space for LG BTQ an Alley used to get together and have a night of fun dancing this can be used led drag show. I for menial BT keys in the area they don't get to go to their prom with a date that they are on our other address so this is an opportunity for them in the ninth. I'm being that they are about how many he believed. It did come through every class a last year we had over is 700 he can. I season. Hi there Pontiac. The whole population of Heisman show about that pretty much I let my entire hates the I pretty much like what is the age range at ams are Adrian just thirteen it's one EO guys and so but yeah how lake. Hundreds and hundreds of youths just in saying eating having a good time it's it's always a blast on my cousin my favorite part of the arrow suites gaffe. So people are more information on the cue from. Their tickets did you by minute bids can they buy him at the door what they needed as soon tickets in advance or ten dollars. I'm you can also item at the door for fifteen dollars. That we don't turn anybody away for price though so we have some folks are commending can afford to get everybody is welcome in that's but if folks are interested in buying tickets they can go online. I it's Debbie Debbie Debbie dot sack sensors dot org. It's the last. Spewed ash problem. Imagine though like in good. Ten or twenty bucks is great. And also I would imagine that money is going towards. Yeah as easily go it goes towards our programs make you primary here and act helps us can keep this'll I have he is it formal attire. I'm at where ever they want so we're gonna have we every year we of people show up in lake suits and dresses and then you always popular show up. And lake askew lacerated teacher it's Larry. Let Angela is part. Of the most part people dress that they're excited about and his adored promise yeah. You must come as you are what ever you wanna Wear whatever your comfortable and c'mon Mike OK so it's only thirteen to twenty having your toward green and we invite you every key he. She's invited every year. Every week and she did it cow yeah well. I was really good way. And why didn't you go because I haven't Albers Sandra how. Last year they've been doing for ten years. Of the first heard about it. Oh boy no ball away a Kasey brought Rosie I know I had this year we're asking Katie for Moline. Does the RD two Q. Boone. It saw some of human league. I it what are you aware that I feel like we need to like color coordinate a little that yeah we should or text each other yeah I get an idea connected asap I mean I've been dying to go to promised an adult per. My entire adult no my neighbor says. I'm. If you only get like let me try let me try. And on for size. Guys have been dying to go to prom. As an adult for so long I mean tell me why. How why yeah why Al 'cause you only get this like little amount of time where you're allowed to go to prom and it's such a fun thing and everybody good luck ago. I. Okay. And creepy when these little creepy bowl. I secure Protestant sects stated so in June 30 up from seven to eleven you can text prong of the 73389. Tickets are ten dollars an advanced fifteen dollars at the door and everyone is welcome everybody you don't need to be part of the LG BT community or anything ever what is more than welcome to come and be apart of this because it's it helps benefit LG BT community center. And especially for those kids that were able to go to Darryl proms for what about the recent. And Katie will be. I might stay with your date so multiple I import and could find. 165 B and.