Lil Kev

Tuesday, February 13th

Kevin Hart is getting a show about himself as a kid called "Lil Kev" but Kevin is pitching The Wake Up Call shows that he thinks should be called that. 


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Those things iliescu's it was announced last week that fox has done little cat in animated pilot. Based on the comedy of Kevin Hart. Should be actually pretty good show. But there is someone you know the wake up call. It has an issue with a the fact that it's called little Kemp and beat the fact that he's not a part of that show. Why you haven't issued this entered and beat guys I have been Y name my own cell for the longest time true stat ID. I sell about me. It's absolutely amazing them okay so let's say hypothetically EU had a shell called little camp. What would be about what a question at this TV show possibly be about. I'm glad you last I have several ideas lined that they had like a pitch yes it's also fox. TV producers listening right now. With an. Both McKay yeah. S house although that would be cooking cooking with and I will be focused around a tally of Vietnamese cuisine. I am Vietnamese yet. And I heard that happened a boy don't know. Well we're together like you're gonna feud yes I'll Powell yeah Axl can every example would guess out. I you know how Italian loud pops up and I'm. And let the Vietnamese flavor where in the pops back. Like Howell. Mike you know how we how Paul and fish Sox are like a putt. It matters costs. Are like up a role make her bald spot. Yes that aren't going to be in pot that plot twists it's not gonna be hand rolled pot's not okay gotta be store bought dollars. And I think from Manhattan that's hear me god I am incredibly good mate pat dry. I got a buddy that through a roller okay and yeah I thought of it to me I I. Salons and I thought is well okay are you watch last. Coogan with cap ex yeah I actually music peanut butter sauce and get into the but I look at okay it's going to be a reality TV sound organic and public can't it's gonna be my story about neagle in a wire it's not schoolwork. My basic lives. And then I. I'd find out library that several lovers actually. And I I have to balance between those efforts have finally Steve MI where so I kind of throw it like a kind of comedy type that they. It's in my daily lives has every day is the new women. I'm wolf yeah just might well not there's there's a two part episode every now and then and then girls states the next episode two. And that's because the cock meat sheet value plus. I don't want to miss the plot twists yet you called them lovers do you bet all these yaks now have some children. Could you see rollout. I reality TV show. Yeah. I'll get what are really Macs were going through all the pitches that in certain Kevin would like to present Stew off fox since they decided she put together a show from Kevin Hart called little cam which an excellent. A documentary about me and my struggles that's supposed to be empowering. Its cod. Striving with little cat. And it's in a serious down because it's about me battling my troubles a diabetes. Obesity and relaxes they. I stand being bullied and how I overcame each one opt for this diabetic you documentary. How are you going to have buckets of cotton candy what you're doing the best they're going to be 1 am Mike downs down font 'cause you know how documentaries and I. No doubt I just I I am on life support your I want my way home I don't want to diabetes see. I'm it anymore I have a lot more one more okay I'm adults death is gonna be a way this probably won't women and being okay but at its plot twist today is gonna be a porno. Our series. If that theory that media done in our little jab and play let okay and your body okay I'll let nobody. Don't count on there all yeah. I don't know I did my little right there. Can be no not how worried you and so from now. Hello I'm not a chop from Australian listed Cindy. Yeah yeah I knew him. You don't laugh that we're talking it. It out and you know yeah he's. House if you are out there ever Wear a neck millions of golf that I slip I like Jumbo shrimp. I. Given used the goal. So yeah I.