The Lion King Cast Revealed

Thursday, November 2nd

The cast for the live show of Lion King has been revealed:


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And I think by the end. Big news overnight. Huge news huge. I mean. It's your big. They announce the this is all live action lion king live action Lion King is full cash. Asked revealed OK we knew it was like a little bit here and a little bit there. But now the full cast and the huge shocker thrown in easily tag it so it's my actions so are gonna. Actors and actresses like. Painted up to look like EM also look like bed jungle book live action one of the jungle book one. Isn't gonna be like ICG. IE animal. Yeah which is kind of funny to call live action but got. Everybody in the movies any animal that basically is still gonna be enemy and should I. Still I am so excited I and the second thing said. We're gonna do live action lying king immediately got goosebumps and I then they said John fabros got a directed who's the guy who did the jungle book and my Iron Man and the Mike guy. Got even more goosebumps tangled goose bumps okay. This cast is more like a dream. Can. Thank you all let's just start off their brain and James Earl Jones out of retirement and laugh how you move fox. Can do this movie went out to him he's the only one returning from the original line but I backed the big you at the big news upfront yes. Beyoncé. Going to be grown up now live close okay so they're not kids anymore clearly it's slowly making their kids that first and then the right. Halfway through the move. Movie okay symbol grows not AM then nullifying the many goes back to the private lands and ladies acting weights to a Donald Glover is gonna be grown up Simba and do that would already I only milk. That means that we are going to get a beyoncé and childish Gambino collaboration of the. If numbing and we'll. How old man. I only wanna. And now this comes up like breaking its. I'd say singing there. Gambino singing it with her wow. Okay okay okay great you are a modem Obama. Snap throw game OK nice is gonna be pulled Bob cars and billion Ike neared their radio Billy are here. It's gonna be to promote Billy Wagner has Billy on the street and was on parks in Iraq and thank gay guy who just screams a lot. Plea it out of their anniversary. All you guys got everything. Zero day. I mean them. Getting into like a little bit more of like obscure people that like I'm really excited about like do you remember on member though high even as the three funny I'm really apple two with a hyenas are gonna be Eric Andre which let people know but I think he's a genius right. And the island Keegan Michael key from key appeal. Let's send. Only perfect and John Oliver from HBO and The Daily Show is gonna be bond bill is such a great tracks. So I'm assuming this is all good you won the greater. Disney movie ever made all case. Eight this guy not web sing your heart strings more so you. You cry I sat next to my dad when I that movie came out. And my parents are going through a divorce so it was just me my dad my brother. And when moved Fawcett dies spoiler alert. And simple. Is trying to like Elliott had a down the delight. He did die he forgot about that what is wrong with. You you like we. You're a parent I. Had. Had the knee because this is his first time this person I need my leg. Yeah okay about something that should have been. And you know there was a third of all you aren't kid down yes this tracking you here this. Pick your world. And really all of I guess now we know it is flat like I get recognized as far. The senior can now. Any time. Should watch this again to what the huge risky move for Disney. Drew back and I need the rain to have three. Minutes of note dialogue at the very beginning of the movie before that it'll be. Coming flying hey I'm just as I know guys recognize me look at me. Bridge you've obviously we have some work to do with him okay. I don't think he's a lost buzz but this is not gonna be easy and needs you to get yourself. So that we can finally takes him this is my pride rock and he's scar. I don't know that means hugs and luckily I hit like that takes a play like you or your gardens Aran. Yeah it's next on the wake up call.