Listener Call From Sienna

Wednesday, September 13th

The Wake Up Call talk to listener, Sienna, about her text message to the show!


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And we love Texas it's 73389. I'm good or bad we will see it either way I is this Siena yeah hi good morning to select a call good morning. Yeah CNN. I eat eat I can tell. You at that text that you sentence. Means. Like build a world class. Eight you'd think. I mean really attack this letter Texan guy first law says that I appreciate the way that everything was spelled right and ironically I'm not sure I mean you're. I knew your wife was the key here and I knew that if I didn't I can actually cure get mad. He I don't even if you let your very certain he's the teacher yeah. Okay Tom. This is your tax hello wake up call crew I have been listening to the shows since the beginning I can remember listening to war of the roses wakeup call confessions and even Gammons news of the weird what was your favorite thank you very much. And being in sixth grade when Jason Gavin announced their babies and everything in between and I am now eighteen. Ends still listen every day just now on my own car by the way congratulations. When Jason laughed I felt so sad and I didn't think the show would ever be the same but rain is so. Bonnie. It's still the same show and I am so sorry for all the hate you've been getting all. All rain I think you're doing a fantastic job and I still die of laughter at every shelves. Thank you yeah. It. That means I don't know it it a 100% sure you guys have gotten so big. Can't tell you something like that it out does the little button peak behind the curtain but yeah I meant. This this is the kind of show we wanted to uber really long time I ain't. And when we are having a lot of fun dealing yeah so no they EUR. Are enjoying what what we're. We have just everything. Now. Really amazing anything that it's so funny on your statements and just didn't stepped up to a whole new web. Honor and thank you yeah yeah. That's pretty at all. Thank you so much for listening to us for that long nap that's why he's been here so well why is your mom letting you listen I the next X ray yeah. Oh she issued the central war on the road essentially dropped a topic preschool. And I think it would Blake went Kelly was permission and I like mom wouldn't be talking. How dare call it your mound yeah he should give your mom and eras I'm here. Much of the girls on the cell first call who is with you right now my friend Molly and not make it may or may. What are you guys that were where what do you guys do you just hang out now. I'm right now I'm getting ready for work and work it targeted the. It's why not. What went all right you Favre though how many Red Shirts you have. Actually it only notes due and they're both dirty I'm wearing a white shirt right well I. So I'm yeah. Neither would I go to target not only to have to avoid a redshirt hired to avoid wearing a white do all the leading their richer people come up to you when they say excuse me where's the toilet paper. Or 080. And I know I feel that I feel you would love debt whatever that does happen to me I just I just makes some more costs guides and I'll 3 and I am. I don't know how. But like I mean I don't like that but anyway. Thank you. Thank you so much on portable or. It's nice to have our our newest addition our new baby. People finally. At least one person at least one people let's go right people here and he had no. All right she's speaking for the masses still as they give ourselves and we don't know Molly likes you even now let's say yeah. Well one of the great things about being on the show is I'm surrounded by aid to. Vary creative very funny very great people mean Kevin yes is and in. Haven't. Yeah. Billy I'll pay you to Katie okayed it. I'm but it makes it very easy for me to kind of locking here have some fine us to fonts make fun of each other and they and do it. Every single morning it's it's is a lot of fun and its world super blessed to be able to win. I love I don't know. Guys is say that reign in CNN your. You're a lot and I now. Out of eighteen I look at it and this says. These you're always. Here at saint not new parents should know your mom would lie there. And fixed idea and.