Listener Court: Cheap Hotel Part 1 8-7-18

Tuesday, August 7th

Jordan and Erica went on a trip but Erica accuses Jordan of getting a hotel so bad she wants her money for her part of the room back.

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A wakeup call 165 the end. I'm for another edition of listener court here on the Laker I called this is where we ask wake up call listeners to be the jury be present a problem and decide if the verdict is guilty. Or not guilty. This morning's say good morning excuse Jordan and Erica. Good morning bringing morning good morning to Jordan Erica went on a girls' trip to see and Diego Erica was in charge of booking airfare Jordan was in charge of booking hotels -- paid there half everything was great until they got a hotel. And according to Eric guy in our pre trial meaning you said. That it was horrible Erica said there was only one bed you looked up reviews for the hotel when you got there and they were all extremely bad. Plus it was close anything you would play in this EP even more for who rides through all alt. Jordan you said that Erica is totally exaggerating. The hotel was really that bad and you're just trying to keep costs down cracked wall. Erica says she wants that 300 dollars back that she paid for half of the hotel. Because it totally ruined the trip and Jordan refuses. To give her the money back so today we must decide. East Jordan guilty. We need to give Erica her money back or is she not guilty because Erica actually studied in the hotel. And you're gonna be representing Jordan he'll be representing Erica listener port is now in session of its co plaintiff Erica into the stands counts are going to question the plaintiff. Erica and just as well as somebody what unrealistic. Expectations. Now. Now and honest. Honest snooty person nobody's ever describe you that way. Wow I'm so what's. It's safe to say that any normal person wouldn't. Take issue with key. Cleanliness and accommodations of this hotel. Yes if you look up. C. Review I'm not saying I am not the only and. So there are batting. Reviews on the Internet that Jordan could have read herself. Would Ankiel over the question I'm taking key began Erica. Health frivolous are you with your money. Shots. I did not order. Ernie order in the court ordered Gavin Hubble into question precede that. She's. Well to heed. I'm not regret the time in me that I would really angry. That it would. And turbulent Lee on as the charity that child. Ha if you are not frivolous with your money then you wouldn't you be happy. That money was saved. And now at. Many wait it. How your flight was cramped. And yeah. Yeah. I called out dad dad I. Don't. I will hold you in contempt singing Q you may read question that question which was the bigger issue that the quality of the room was four or that it was far away from where you wanted to golf. I think the combination and you. It didn't say it but I. And all say I got it I please answer the clashed in couldn't pick one answer I don't think yeah. Okay. Why should I. I thank you Erica I'm Eric he may step down Jordan please step up Jordan thank god you're here. Do you get some answers. How would you describe this hotel room. It went in all functional much like the flight that Erica booked egg back ha. And I'll which seemed to be at the time more of an issue. How far away wise or the state of the room itself. So I opened room was buying as far as quality though a little bit far but. That's how it is. Exactly. You know what the distance is what makes America great I think that's on one of our bills sit there and staking. How far something is from where you wanna go. Can happen anybody you're not an ecologist no further questions might not think you getting Katie. The cellular telephone. So often have a into the question. Yeah I get the accent soon be injured. And I. You. Looked at the distance. Between your hotel the your didn't disgusting. Hotel that you blacks and things that you what did you see any day now. And whether or not as far away regardless of the fact you're not a map colleges cracks. Me. You can't arrogant thank you know for the question you may step down at this time I would like to let Gavin Katie present their closing arguments to the courts Katie please go first. Much of the year rain. I would say all if not most of you booked a hotel room and I think it's safe to say that doesn't want to say in a hotel. That feels dirty. That's wanna stay in hope's home is too far from where we know we want to be it Jordan had. Plenty of opportunity. Find out how party hotel was checked whoever he is maybe share that with her friends to. She thought I'd be initially ill but she didn't and that is why she should again Erica her money. And keel kitty thank you Gavin you may proceed yikes OK ladies and Joseph one of the jury. We've all make mistakes we've all maybe the actual traveling it's very easy to do that so what I'd like you to remember while taking into account. Did stints. NN new city. It's sometimes very deceiving because. What may only be three miles in Sacramento takes far less time to travel than it doesn't say Los Angeles. And also. As far as the state of the room and quality goes that is up for debate it is purely opinion. And one party says it was 51 party says it was terrible so we will never know what the truth is as far as that goes but the distance seems to be the biggest concern. And I need to just ask you to put yourself in the shoes of my client Jordan toward the book trips and times thank you. I think you counselors we Nelly the verdict after the jury this should be used the wake up call listeners. Deadly bird both sides. You can text guilty or not guilty to 73389. To let us know if Jordan is guilty. And needs to give Erica her money back. Worst jordin not guilty. Because Erica stayed in the hotel guilty or not guilty right now to 73389. We will play one song. And come back with the verdict. Next it's listener court on the wake up call. 165 B and.