Listener Court: Cheap Hotel Part 2 8-7-18

Tuesday, August 7th

Jordan and Erica went on a trip but Erica accuses Jordan of getting a hotel so bad she wants her money for her part of the room back.

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1065 PM tonight. We're back what was your court on a wake up calls recap. Erica was in charge of booking airfare for their trip to see and NATO Jordan was in charge of bookings and hotel. Erica says the hotel was super dirty only had one bed and the reviews were awful Jordan says they're just totally exaggerating and that's the hotel wasn't that bad. The only beef that they had was it was far away from everything and they had to pay more for overrides their decision what's that 300 dollars back which is what you pay for her happened hotel because it totally ruined the trip. To reach Jordan guilty of he needs to give Erica her money back rushing not guilty because here to stay in the hotel in my hand I have today's verdicts. The wake up call listener I've texted him guilty or not guilty to 73389. Please rise. By the state California. But the county of Sacramento. And the municipal. The intercom building here on fabulous Madison avenue but Jerry vines jordin. Not guilty. Because America has stayed oh now. Yeah she. Is broken Donald Trump said it many times and now I know he's right you've view. Aren't terrible lawyer for a and one K is it true you all these stupid thing now that throughout. I this is that lesser court all the way to call court is adjourned. 165 B and.