Listener Court: Katie's Cracked Screen Part 1 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

Katie and Rayne are on listener court to judge who cracked Katie's phone screen. 


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The wake up cold 165 the end it's the it's time listener port here on the way to put all this is what led to be wake up call listeners will be the jury to settle our dispute between two people. And today if the disease special edition of listener port today. It is raining university used Canadian. In a battle of the broken cellphone. So usually I am the judge on listener Corbett today I have to take up the robe. And we two handed over to her dad and get underneath a bit of eagerness to stop this. Yeah that's why oh why they'll line up how. I am. Itself again it is the judge today that's rights let this guy the go ahead and explain the situation in Kenya. They sell clone was broken in deed it is they cracked screen cell phone doesn't. KD the plane can't play tiff. The motive and the process as to how we reached a cracked screen that is up for debate. As you listen to their cases feel free to text and guilty or not guilty. Guilty if you believe that rain these guilty of cracking keys phone screen and needs to pay to have repaired. Not guilty they're rain wasn't full list in the situation. And KV need. To pay to have her own screen replaced. We will start with the plaintiff and eat some good cracked. I phone screen. Happened then I AM make a wish banquet that I invited you to crack correct and because I am known for my very short arms. I ask that you hold my cell phone to take our self he because your arms are much longer does cracker. When I handed you don't own it did say don't drop by phone. It's true your honor and it did she proves she did you immediately. Print and then you drop my own. Effort to soon get. Me all fired back I didn't pretend to make a motion to make it look like I was dropping it because she is just. It's it's it's very simple yes no question thank you. I recollection of what I away Arab you were going to make this hysterical. Again and where you pretended to drop by about no you were not aware. And because I was not aware would you say it's true that I ain't. It's true I only need. To do. Text speak actually not following phone knocking it out. And here he did you leap for it knocking it out of my hand and I had a firm grasp on to they know exactly. Yeah I was pretty it's I guess the question I allow it either answering the question thank you your own. Adding to my question to be. A 100% should be sure and I think all the judges do this I ever watching porky part of drive videos hopefully OK drive everyone's alive. A lot of spam act OK any questions and no your honor I think OK and you very much. You may question yourself I think you I Cheney good afternoon good evening good morning A com. So. The knights of the make a wish dinner. How would you say that you had that one or more wine beverages. We outplayed of the attorney I would like to say objection your honor he needs to be specific pet that tie game in which those questions taking place. At the time right spot all at the judge could. I LL it's. At the time the DEA. Suppose that incident took place would you save that you had a one or more wine beverages. I would say I had three. It's so in the process of being making it look like I was dropping the phone. Purely out of just a good sight gag yeah. Have you really thought that I was dropping it you slapped for it in turn which. Knox was knocked out of my handed on to the pork that is true even though I did have a firm grip on it. You know they you had a firm grasp on the phone no I did not part of the goof was indeed not know even know. You told me not to drop in those were your instructions correct correct. Me ask you this I'm was there a reason why there wasn't a case on the phone. All. Yes there wise. My case is too bulky and it would not that in my clock so you didn't have a case sport and I do have a case. The case was not on the phone at the time of the incident it was Dodd on the phone of the timing. The incident no further questions your honor. Okay so in the case of KB's broken cell phone which just to recap it for everybody was eight K let's flown handed terrain only by year old brain pretends to drop it you know panic thinking he's actually dropping it leaped to catch the ball and knocked the phone from his. What we've established with a firm grip. Not here to the floor cracking the screen correct. Okay closing arguments Katie you may go first. A lot of the jury I assume you have good friends a good friend that you trust. With something like your own cell phone without a piece on it. What is sure true. My friend to be careful what this might all happen. A case on IBM did had he not tried to pull this hysterical gag it we wouldn't be here today and he'll. Rain you may give your closing argument ladies and gentlemen of the jury I will say that the reason why Bill Gates. What's in Steve Jobs invented the case for the cellphone. Is do you prohibits. Situations like this now if there was a proper case on the phone we wouldn't be here today. We would had a nice time with the wine and the dinner and a make A wish kids. Wow and every thing was not a bad dinner that night however it had to be soured. Mean because someone decided that eight phone case was too bulky. To have on their phones Katie chose. Chose her choice not to put her daughter phone left for. And it. Thank you very much counselor as we know leave the verdict I'll just cheering. This would be used to wake up call listeners now that you've heard both sides presented their case you can text to guilty or not guilty. This 73389. And let us know kids. Rain guilty of doing a bad. And breaking it. Katie Holmes or is rain not guilty because Katie pushed the phone out of his hand. Texting guilty or not guilty to 73389. And we are back publicity of course and the wake up call after one song.