Listener Court: Katie's Cracked Screen Part 2 5-16-18

Wednesday, May 16th

Find out the verdict here: 


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Wake up cold 165 the end and. We're back to listener port on the wakeup call where Gavin is presiding over this ridiculous cases Cobb Katie vs rain Gavin US summarize. Arafat yes I do they went to make a wish events together javy hit it eight kids was flown to rein to hold. Ended rain plot would be funny to pretend to drop the bonus when he pretended to drop the phone Katie thought he was really dropping the phone. Do we need for it and in that. Action knocked out of range and it fell to the floor and cracked wake up call listeners texted and guilty or not guilty I have the results right here in my hand and all right. By the state of California up by the county of Sacramento in the municipal of the Entercom building here on Madison avenue. The jury finds rain wake up call. Yeah yeah yeah. Of the rack key right Katie phone. It's not really get back to the business at hand which is the kid does anybody know comedy these days. It was funny I mean I'm sure there wasn't going. Read any rain we all year and does all that hey I had been utilities deservedly not do you bought ought. Now you are real her love that joke so how did you later the. Gentlemen they're very error to replace you aren't thinking clearly we gotta Smart group of jurors. This has been listener court in the wake up call. It is adjourned and.