Listener Court: New Bed Part 1 2-20-18

Tuesday, February 20th

Michelle wants Doug to buy a new mattress if they're going to move in together because he bought it with his ex and they hooked up on it. Guilty or Not guilty?


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065 the end tonight. It's time for another edition of listener course here in the wake up call this is what we ask wakeup call listeners to beat the jury we present a problem and decide if the verdict is guilty. Or not guilty. Doug and Michelle are moving in together at the end of march but only a dud agrees. To get a new debt figures lamented that story dog bought a mattress with his acts in Michelle doesn't wanna sleep in the scenes bid. Dave Duncan is accept holdup on for years and dug holes the bad. But they aren't greater so I know Michelle let me ask what you were bad about it. Alt a couple I. Would know what you are. I'd still here's what we need to find out is judged guilty at not being considerate of Michelle's feelings or not guilty and Michelle is being overly sensitive. Gavin you're gonna be representing Doug king he'll be representing Michelle the listener port is now in session. Pilots call the a plaintiff. Michelle to the stands Katie counselor he may question the point of. This. US. Would you consider. Your boyfriend Doug to be considerate person. Generally in general and he takes. Your wants needs and desires and consideration. Yeah okay and do you feel physically and emotionally comfortable in this. Emotionally how. I feel like I'm. Sleeping and some not so bad why he can't stop with the other woman and then it will gonna get an apartment together I wanna start traction and it. Well that's a big commitment that the big strapped. Michelle I think that is the most reasonable thing anybody's ever said thank you mark by again you can question what kind of mattress is this. This is spraying foam hybrid. Air water. Spring mattress and it's queen size bed I'm guessing. What the average cost of that. Is around a thousand dollars what is the reason why you can't buy this for yourself. I don't want to donate why do you feel any responsibility. Yeah. Never. It's near. This now. Having I'm Jay-Z are hot and quiet simply answer that question Gavin glee letter into the question please. It's our responsibility because. It. Which has said the ex girlfriend. OK let's overlook the fact that explanation doesn't make any sense. Question your honor I'd thank you Michelle you may step down. Now it's called Doug are questioning Doug. Gamble judge questioned her client yes I would Doug how much did you in fact paid for this bad. Now you have a thousand dollars. And how often would you say. That you all hooked up with your axe in the three years that you have this mattress. I don't know the exact numbers but I mean it was the last. There. My understandable and what is the reason why you'd didn't get rid of it right away. That these Damascus. Good lord he'd like it will come clean hit three. I have bit about the Eckerd chain lit. And it's nice to know that you even have the protection that will get all most microscopic insects out event. Let alone June June from a bad back. No more questions I I take you again indicating. Actual caller girlfriend. Purchase this an actress wore her personally preferences taken into consideration. I mean. Yet some template but I have a bad back so was this what was it match. Do you want your girlfriend Michelle to sleep comfortably both physically and emotionally in your new apartment. Court. Arrogant and you know for the question I don't think he may step down at this time to let gab having Katie present their closing arguments to the court Katie Gordon go first. And gentlemen of the jury. Could you once his girlfriend to be physically and emotionally comfortable and I believe that ex Michelle happens. Said very clearly what she needs. Him to do. To give her that physical and emotional. Temper and he is choosing. Not to do what about boyfriend the say that like I don't know the answer either. Ankiel I think you Katie Yemen is such thing in this world as self responsibility. And if I have a problem with something. I take care of it. It is. Absolutely ridiculous that my client dog. Should be forced to pay an extra thousand dollars. Just because Michelle doesn't light that his ex leader hurts you in on it at one point. And that's silly. Expanded almost a red flag for Michelle Dodd but we're we're to discuss that I. I think the jury knows what to do or maybe not I don't know he voted against me for like the past like five million. Three under that a year grabbed the journey. I'd take you counselors we now read the verdict depth to the jury is to be you could wake up call listeners can be heard both sides. Can text guilty or not guilty to 73389. To let us now is done. Guilty of not being considerate of his girlfriends feelings or not guilty and Michelle is being overly sensitive. Text guilty or not guilty right now. 73389. We will play one song and come back with a verdict next final listener court. 165 B and.