Listener Court: New Bed Part 2 2-20-18

Tuesday, February 20th

The verdict of Listener Court: 


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Call one of those six IBM today. We are not a good listener court on the wake up call to recap dog and Michelle are moving in together only have dug agrees to get into bed Doug bottom managers with his ex and Michelle doesn't wanna be sleeping in the same bed. That they've pulled stuck on for years that that is only three years old to Doug says it would be dumb to buy a brand new bed. Just to make her feel better. Doug also said that if she wants a new bed so bad. Did she could just go buy one herself used to wake up call listeners have texted in guilty or not guilty to 73389. If I have. And the verdicts shall hold my hand we've been through so much together please rise. By the state of California but academy of Sacramento and the municipal of this very good looking intercom building on Madison avenue. The jury finds. Dodd got. Not guilty. And mr. Powell is being overly sensitive. While. You know we've said many times the justice system is broken and its Centrino is very there is a. School to prison pipeline and you don't know what that means. And you know know all I've said dozens okay that's aren't I don't all right I'm Michelle I'd do you make you comment on this for the record. I don't think reasonable apparently no. A possible deal like law pay half. You know perhaps not your. Why this is bit listener court on the wake up call court is adjourned and. 165 B and.