Listener Court Part 1 10-4-17

Wednesday, October 4th

Listen to this week's new court case between Kim & Eileen:

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65 the end guys it's time for another edition of the listener record here in the wake up call us what we ask way to call listeners to beat the jury and we present a problem. And you decide the verdict of guilty. Or not guilty. Kim and Eileen on the phone good morning ladies. Danny Kim and Eileen went out seven bar hopping one night with some girlfriends Kim was the DD thank you very much for being the DD we appreciate that well I we kept setting your phone down Kim figured it. Because she was sitting down at the bar she's probably gonna lose it at some point because she had a couple of cocktails to Kim offered to put the phone in their pockets since I mean didn't have any pockets on her outfit played some point during the course of the evening if the cell phone fell out of Kim's pocket and by the time Jim realized Jaycee was gone they got a day of the gist of the story. Yes twice or here's what we're trying to figure out Eileen says that Kim should have to give her money to buy in new phone because she's the one who lost his Kim says she was working out first branded as she hadn't of the 400 pocket Eileen was probably gonna lose it anyway Katie you'll be representing Kim. Devin you'll be representing Eileen true. And it's up to the wake up call listeners to decide if Kim is guilty and easy give Eileen the money for new phone or not guilty in Eileen needs to buy new phone with her own money. Wake up call listener courts is now in session by Gavin would you like to question Eileen yes I would Eileen how are you today I. Not a good hitter and you're not okay your distraught. And I'm I'm getting them. Use may not excuse me the big a world. I was on your phone let's just recap some of the things that were on there. More other weather pictures and pictures and pictures Leo and they generally agree and let's walk through some of the most emotional pictures that were on your phone. So I had a wonderful picture of me holding my nephew. After he was terse Gordon had to time the pictured as he had to anal eight. I had some of being cam to bet I can now never get back can buy into that I heard a gorgeous pictures like that propelled then and now they're outline. You probably didn't pay for the upgraded storage on the clowns I'd get it they'll never get them back now now. Didn't you okay will be should've done that finally it's only like five bucks. Regardless though. Memories that she'll never get back one more question have you ever lost your home before. But even when you were having a fun evening. He would have in a Sunday evening Canadian pregnant play or how we always find it thank you very much argue he would you like to question I certainly would Eileen thank you so much for coming in. He chose to Wear outfit that did not have pockets is that correct he had a gut and you also shows to not bring up such yelled. Yeah I. Had no place to keep your phone other than in your heat. Now do you agree that she you were sending your phone now do. During this ladies night out. Sentiment on down the air Betemit and all the time right OK did you ever walk away from I I honestly don't remember. Is they that maybe Kim saw that you were in need of someone to take care of your phone more than you realize. But not only have cost well okay thank you know further questions all right Eileen thank you very much Jimmie said candidly to colleague Kim up for questioning. Katie your hand and she decides to be the designated driver. I may be out turn so I can't get the flat and the designated driver and if you feel a responsibility to take care of your drunk friends. Yet sonic and the yeah yeah and many times would you say he. I believe the putter found out and either walked away or drop did urgent somethings make you think you need to step in and help her out. Not want to write at all times several times a kind of for. Their questions and a camera did let me ask you to take care of Eileen and her opponent. I offered or anybody asks you. Well now what am I got it yeah she was so she was hammered okay before she got hammered did she ask you to look after her phone. Now now she didn't if that's the case then it's almost a form of shafts if you. Well yeah. Shouldn't you and if you want more outbursts like that all doing can tell. Good that's oh yeah all right all right DOD the end of the questions the pen not a all right I'm. Yeah and I think you you may step down I had this time. Time like delay Gavin and Katie present their closing arguments to the court Gavin go ahead and present first Jeff. The jury for a lot of today a lot of bulk. Well let's just say for instance did you order a position where somebody decided for you since you're not responsible enough to take care of some think. And they very were not responsible enough to take care event and it was gone forever what kind of old world do we. I've been wearing them. That is an acceptable thing to do this must be done and a full must be paid for I thank you very much thank you get thinking. Want to start punishing people monitor barely eat for being. Good friends and I don't think he TO thinks I think he counselors who now leave the verdict after the jury this year you wake up call listeners. I heard both sides can you can text guilty or not guilty to 73389. And let us now is jammed guilty and museum Eileen money for a new phones. Porn is not guilty and I am really needs to buy a new phone with her own money. Takes a burning right now the 73389. We're gonna play one song can come back with that verdict next listener port on the wake up call. One thing Fuzzy and.