Listener Court Part 2 10-4-17

Wednesday, October 4th

Listen to this week's new court case between Kim & Eileen:

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It's a wake up call. 1065 the end battle listener port on the wakeup call to recap I leaning Kim. Now both are all things GM I was the designated driver I lean this. A couple of cocktails meager little inebriated. I lean kept sending your phone down Kim seem to her phone. She just in case she wouldn't lose it Kim actually lost I aliens phone at some point throughout the night so we are trying to figure out. Should Kim match. Give Eileen money for a new phone Ortiz Eileen need to buying a new phones with her own money you don't wake up call assistant Tex hitting guilty or not guilty to 7339. And in my hand. I have the verdicts. Please drives. But this data California. For the county of Sacramento and need. Municipal all of the intercom building located on Madison avenue this jury. Finds Kim. Not guilty. And I mean he's my new phone with her own money well. Lou yeah this is the travesty Johnston assistant who works as I think it is protecting the citizens of this country. The systems. Work Eileen I'm very sorry we will appeal this who not you guys. If I don't got no way not this jury either where Davis to the Supreme Court. Avalanche say guide can jabs that's not how you doing it up caddie gala. I really banging on a couple. If you really get on those giant. For a right. How tough it. All right so Eileen I'm sorry you're gonna have to buy new phone when I came we're pink and all right I this has been lesser court on the wake up call is insured group.