Listener Court Part 2 12-5-17

Wednesday, December 6th

Richard convinced his cousin Jordan to do the run with him despite not wanting to. The day of the race, he slept in and she was forced to do it alone. She wants him to pay her the $45 fee. 


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65 the end I was important in the wake up call to bring captain Richard really. Hungry a Thanksgiving morning and talked to Jordan and to participate went down between Richard fail to show up for the race showing up. Halfway through Jordan was upset is expecting Richard payback. The 45 dollar registration and so we're leaving them to wake him called listeners to text guilty or not guilty to 7338. Not. Happy in my hand in the verdicts just. The wake up call listeners have texted in the please rise. By the state and California. By the county of Sacramento. And the municipal of the inner Conn building located here on. Fabulous Madison avenue known there's a battle that Jerry finds Richard. Don't see. And would slurred. And he. Yeah yeah. And the peers had spoken guilty to pay back the 45 dollar registration Michael Jordan on home by god did the race because Richard asks. And Richard failed to show up Jordan. And I sincerely hope that you take that money and read donated. To the run to feed the hungry charity since. Garrity. And I don't like yeah. Look how want I'd just been listener court public good called court is adjourned. And I think by the end.