Listener Court: Same Dress Part 2

Tuesday, November 21st

Listen to the Jury's final decision 


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65 the end finalists recorded bad journalism called to recap exhibiting in Baghdad. Close friends Tiffany was showing that got a dress online she was thinking about wearing two wedding that they were both going to go juice. Tiffany didn't mention issues planning on wearing it and actually getting it. Beckett told Tiffany to dress from the great honor if I encouraged her to order it. But then the wedding comes both backpack and Tiffany are wearing the exact same dress. Sort of leaving it up to wake up call listeners is better guilty of stealing Tiffany style. Or is she not guilty because Tiffany never says she was going to be wearing the dress to the wedding. You cast your votes on a bird makes it to 73389. And I have the verdict in my hand please priced. By the city California by the county of Sacramento and municipal of the intercom building located on Madison avenue up. This jury. TriBeCa. Guilty and stealing all the Chinese style yeah. Why police and yeah pretty you very much for that. Jay's back out but we need you know we need to try this again in a different county where I think you can finally get a bear shaped. The bridge this trial hasn't affected the outcome and I won't stand or excuse me divvy do you hear. Like I really shrill sound coming from the I doubt it pretty straight and client. I don't have beaten Iowa allow that in this courtroom Beckett is guilty of stealing Tiffany's dial. This is bin listener court on the wake up call court is adjourned. 165 B and.