Luxuries That Make Us Mad

Wednesday, November 1st

Rayne was on a flight recently and the wifi went out. Even though its a luxury, he got so angry that it stopped working:


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See stupid luxury that makes you mad when you can't have it or it doesn't work force we call it. First world prom season why he lasted. Cultural right now 7661065. Or you can Texas in at 73389. I traveled to Nashville literally was they're not even a full day in had to come back. Well in the process I was like you know I can help our Goobuntu stuff for the shell hole on the plane makes super easy. Oh of course on now these super high tech fancy planes may have Wi-Fi. Immediately after takeoff they get a little overhead ping and they say folks were so sorry were having issues with Wi-Fi eight we've reset the box I hope the little combat gun and then five minutes later. And it doesn't look like white guys come down gone to sell live here outlet beverage service and a pure excitement. Meehan because I was OK I'd planned this three hour flight to bill like you we can knock on some writing some stuff for the show what ever and I was just so. Irritated for the entire rest of the fight they can get anything done Y five more. Like why it's why I'm here right did you jump out of the unsecured or denied. They even though wide filed planes loses to. A total debt I've never gonna blame where it worked we have our. Ear because I don't play nearly as such as you'd bill. Never had ever worked and even when it does work it's a trickle of Wi-Fi it is the suggestion. Of wireless high but I never now. You really like looks like you've got all so yeah I never diet heavy energy and all the same almost goes for airports. Oh really yeah. Here to sit through half hour long Bogle commercial every now bulb go and did finally get I don't know I'd get bloody airport it's free but on the plane you to pay for it you know way. I'll luxury I can't stand when it doesn't work left. When that you promised your kids some TV time as a reward for doing something. They do that thing and then Netflix decides particular crap on yo you're sitting there screaming your TV. Why your kid is dramatic you book because they think you're just stalling and I'm like. Circled this and that's why I came all that stuff does show would he likes. I lost a gate kinda lame idea when net Bluetooth doesn't connect to might she'd be car oh yeah. Why do it I thought all he and especially when you're on the phone and you're getting in these. Are tied and then you finally hear the person come out of the speakers mergers going are you very yes. I would just tell you about why it's kids learn. I'm sorry. Me and makes me (%expletive) crazy we got a text that said the. Highest setting of the seat warm words in my Range Rover is too hot guy and I. This second I am betting that a lot enough JD can relate to this look that we got for Monique. Way and mighty Google home doesn't recognize what I'm saying are trying to play a song the only thing that hurt Google home recognizes is played beyond thank you try to go. Any other direct him use that energy that's because I don't know what you're saying do it stopped. About. How about these guys have. Voice free air hands free dialing on your phony your car. I do I don't I don't word. Oh my console I have my parents met my mom and my step dad rod and I have been saved in my phone as mom and rod. John I cannot ever called them the cut the Mike Sloan. Name and then I go all mom and ride. And it's always somebody else with a name that's like and raid or something like that what do you do little things and I don't see somebody else that there is a dialogue that was Tonya I freely on the island time yet have you guys ever had to deal with the Amazon like a GL broken into vampires stake and all well. I would. Yeah I tried to complain about says and you treat me like I am. Like a lunatic crazy person. What I tell you what you specifically were talking about but I I. I don't have one of these jail broken one but I was invited over to my old next door neighbor Michelle army missions and that put them. South and then she was just like I got to show you you can stream movies and I do care about like that's no bond how we said Debra hot and it didn't work. We can't do. You have to connect you did go to where you wanna go you have to try and it would just your thumb one letter or not what you wanna watch. Any did she is it. Don't buy something that'll streaming. Some requires you to log onto a web site improve your not a robot that he's actually here. I'll be on sale what something what some luxury that makes him Yemeni can't use it. And though at noon get a rental iron. And then come back or or am I am out there and EIV. Aids. But like comparable pitiful and I haven't really not the. And we'll see you don't sound old Nash to read your cock at the.