Married Name Upgrade Downgrade

Wednesday, January 17th

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Married Name Upgrade Downgrade" and judge listener's name change:


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Goals. One thing's heavy as my married name upgrade downgrade right now 766165. You give us short maiden name and then you tell a short married name. Will to leave it's an upgrade or downgrade Monica's starting it up this morning to morning Monica. An old white guy so your maiden name it is. The man who. Mean you're Miree name. He's got a good one more I'm not seeing home being. Being a now. He home big sounds like a full name known. Now as a downgrade that proved that the I've been very very pretty I mean you nailed all know Monica jasmine sound like an exotic dancer. Sure all we have and Monica see hope being does not. No all bonds body home base might be an exotic dancer. Yeah is that all one name like Madonna melt. It defeat Monday and then. I'm sorry sir my harmonica timeout. You takes Mary good morning. I morning your maiden name. Damn do you act exam deal with a this amp amp BBs. Hot. Yes mu day or Mary name. 80. Mayor this ego that is now and I'm. From bohemian. Hungarian. There's low heat in Arab and and that's mythical. A upgrade. Mary say oh yeah and Mary K app merry band boy what is it below and you'll you'll laugh and a bit below the hole made it all at. Got anywhere people called you buyer last name can be. Eat sometimes but they didn't make didn't turn out at right. And marries so Mary say well is the pop Mary -- I was just gonna say she's been number what are real estate agent in all northern California that. I am cool though is the life of every party. Now. Yeah. You you. Does say yeah. Imus after an hour I would have said downgrade OK but just barely makes marrying banks may have a great day. Elizabeth good morning. Marty your maiden name. When you. Obama to act. When they moved in your married name. Yeah and there. Miley thought. Do you go by Elizabeth or Liz. A lot. The stock what's the last moments are what your Mary game again rattling in and I say up. I counted to what. With the right Lander sounds cool. He's like one at beat character options. Her player option than a video game. Okay I'll be. But in. As they can. Yeah he's only easily doesn't buy a lot of than anybody I don't think ideal Elizabeth right hander. The court answered. That's when yards. Nothing else when ya. Yeah it's just more wrong I mean I'm sorry it's. It's an upgrade the the upgrade I don't know I apologize to have a back up flags. Riley and her as your last name we didn't talk so. Oh. Yeah brilliant. Outtakes Elizabeth emigre deck I Jeanine good morning. I I need your maiden name. I know what Howell. And I am not big gala. I can edit CAW and. All right he me W contagion. And how weary they did on the front of the Q. It's Japanese I'll. I'm your married name. It it's called its French and I don't know her married name is the word French Jamie French. And great. I. Alan I didn't. And yeah it made me so bad. How she's acting gala is all good. Jamie got gala. French. One out. Geez don't. You might. Sure okay you have people how to pronounce it that big. Opportunity. That games. Can that tell them I'll narrow court or can we play this scheme it is how does that rate. On our. IAEC the upgrade. Yeah. The other islands there and and that can now go. 00165. B and.