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Friday, June 16th

Tall Skinny Matt joins the Wake Up Call to discuss his upcoming trip to Mexico:



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Call one think I'd be as tall skinny neck kissing your good morning good morning I see your little vacation next week right what a quote it's now. Case why not close and we asked Calzaghe magic come in here on his last day just all week everyone calm down. That. Before he jets that all of the many hope because on it he's the greatest person you've ever met your life not only the love the bit of an exaggeration. An exaggeration but rain you don't know where he's going it's not a vacation might Osmond. Skeletal and that's when he goes when you say like you're going to Mexico everyone's like oh you gonna go for you you're drunk. In Canada each yeah it'll learn your hardy yet until Canada and Mexico well I'm gonna go to an orphanage. Party and I'm gonna. You like the bunch I manage out those people not a party now that the army needs and I'm gonna do some just construction projects and you know help people. Let's go and he does it every year here and how he's spends. His time on every my number one week off you go to the rainforest to not rainforest it's a jungle venomous stuff. Feel wanna. The NL but I know most of Mexico's pretty tropical though right no it's not need. In knots ball park California is basically California. And I know that drives there are will drive down yes in a school bus note in its managers Glock. In a rented truck OK car or truck that you filled with supplies Jabbar with your own money for these orphans so much money are fund raise. And tell rain with the Spanish word for orphans. I don't know. Every ten years. And you know what what what FOIA story office I'd took eleven years the Spanish. I'm a terrible student well that is it should ensure. Without other Everett on the wake up call and talk getting ad in the closest to being. And an Angel on earth. Oh the person most likely lead to make injured ever dry. Now after a judge Smith should because when your ear. I'm very dynamic person. I have I have I have a wide range of emotions when you go down to the orphanage what you orphanage called Rancho Santa Marta are one of those words is Margo Orson. In the ranch of Morgan snow took. No I don't know ranch since saint Santa Maria Santa Maria I'll. Asked why there been what you go down there I'll what are you building. Soul. Last year we finished a house for hum older orphans who they're all special needs kids from throughout our. I. I didn't even know that it into the orphanage. Is also school and they train these kids to learn skills of the consent amounts the world after he ends. Some of them being thrust needs. Will not have that option down there. And so they've been built a house last year for those kids who are should be leaving their for the rest their lives out we just finished that. And so. I think we're going to be doing some like the very fishing stuff about. Clear your time god is unpaid correct hole 100%. I'm. Good and it July's gonna hurt. Lonnie oh yeah did go to Mexico to help special needs or bread and make a lot of money from a losing. You two Matlin who with Nabisco itself so green I press you should be impressed what do. Jerry Lawrence no no never out and you do it. Enjoy he enjoys it. From the bottom of his soul ladies and gentlemen who he is because I your mother describes you as a miracle baby and you wanna be able to give back oh boy. I know. Thank both of them know what you're doing it for the shell. Yes I do have for the bit do you go. I doubt you'd go down and that and you go down every year for the wake up call night and then please. When you're down their tell them. There welcomed right asked yeah. You are you are always right you are I am sure you are hammer your. Yeah and did so you represented. Exactly like how bottle represented you'd still like when he does charity this totally puts my A bachelor party vacation to Vegas to shame I mean I'm question now I'd you're a bad bad knee I clearly. Mean it'll be strippers for Matt stripped down. It's going to September. I know you wake up call.