Millenials are Adulting

Friday, January 4th

The Wake Up Call found a survey that millennials are getting better at adulting. They check in with Intern Kevin to see how it's going. 

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By the end. It's a weaker car. We've got a new study that showed that what else feel like they're getting better at a bolting. And doing stuff that adults do well old star who regularly. Where's millennial sitting there still kind of maybe taking the slow road to get to that point however the article said these are the many signs that. Millennial still getting better including. Having a steady job and being financially independent and paying a burial on their own. And paying rent or mortgage on their own. Paying for their car like gas repairs and monthly payments on their own filing their own taxes. Even and that cooking their own meals here. On the left are like bay lab ball so I'll look. Yeah I did tax climate which I'll be honest I still haven't done at the Indy adult. Everything else you don't get single ounce of credit for any of that stuff yeah. Look. How. Well we. Haven't done half those things and all those they. Yeah. Rent. I made me not came around ran markets and everything else I've hit all of them the only thing got run over the list again and I'll just do yes or no for cabin and I'll do my own death and now I don't got. I had. A double and it now okay. Alaska having a steady job Jack Jarrett I'll go outside at the first one being financially independent not. And I own food. He say sent Galahad Katie. Recently you've got excited because your mom gave you her credit card so that you can go buy crap. Proud of the fact that actually on your parents are paying for your college education. Are. Letting you live in the. How old's well and I was dependant on my hair is they would give me money for alcohol drink at a club. Why allow guns and money are Disneyland. I. That you have financially. Dependent and. Any of that stuff the paper this stuff that the boring I'd paying a bill hay bale on their own. Every month I gotta pay three credit card off by myself and my mom. That's true I am an adult next budgeting monthly expenses. You're known. Mere yeah I do I aides say cool I'm kind of short money does not can't eat lobster out. Merry go out all the public plan moving out of the family home I'm not swallow I'm and that no not yet understanding and monitoring your credit score our credit report you got no idea what Democrats you are. The fight go attacker every month what are your right what do you think your credit. How are you think it hit the ticket kinda takes the wild outlets rented a list thoughtful about owning stock you know how the stock market works Kevin I know how to climb market works okay Virginia. Going to bed before 11 PM. Yup all the time whether they were running through believes that these are the things that millennial stink they're getting better at a dole in Iowa about Kevin is still trying to find a credit score this I checked. Computer and I don't. I accept. I got it might cycles or updated monthly security of our our ideological again it will we the world OK so you before you give us say here's a couple more things Kevin on the list of the things that Milan you'll think they're getting better to bolting. Drinking wine. I. How about like how far ahead but I don't prefer and they don't announce Bible I actually cherry cabernet. From our I I'm. And you drink driver a mark all silly and tastes do you porcelain and persons now. Tia mark preferring a night in the to a night out oh my god that recently happened when I turn Tony saw iron. He. Couple weeks ago. And I caught Abbott by guys I can't go out injury today am tire that doesn't count when you're sick by the way I get it again I love and I have is matching home to cooler. Well. How why. If we're talking about the limit matches of my car black on black and granted he you know whoever acceded to a super here I'll also note that the. But now. By the way. I have the credit score OK gases. I. Say 640. Really lol yeah it's really well wow I. And evil Democrat 9690. And ninety got an I think it's about like. 700. Yeah. Do you know what the answer I haven't checked in and mines at. Am perfect 800 bright yeah I'm bound and a 700. God I got four outs I haven't not credit and you really you just don't have out of money right there.