Miss California 2017 Interview

Wednesday, June 13th

Miss California 2017 came into the studio to defend Miss America because Gavin is a hater:

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A special guest in studio today I Gillian Smith is here she's from Grass Valley she was the miss California 2017. Welcomed little right to call. I am excited so we doing here because. Sure most aboard heard over the last weaker cell. That there is a controversy brewing amongst the Miss America contestants in the organizers in the pageant itself. Where they've announced that for the first time in nearly a century. Won't be a swimsuit pageant in this year's Miss America competition yet. Kind of weird. Well little bit I still and laid to see how it plays out I think it's too early to make any judgments. There have been a lot. People arguing both sides of having swimsuit not having them yeah. But I am kind of waiting to see outlays exceed. How this. Impacts are. Now I love how this whole thing started by way. Just like almost all the relationships in my life. Starts with me. Picking a fight with some chicken. And actually and I posted. An article when this news broke about the Miss America pageant. And my comment that I post that was how the hell is this even still thing. How is the Miss America pageant in 28 team is still in existence. And lot of people defended but you were one of the people obviously I don't know defended it yup and then it started a little back and forth. To which we said you know what let's just take it in the studio yeah. So. The fact that this swimsuit edition is going away or. Republicans on the globe and were still interest. But the slim sued its lush island fitness in Clinton's. Lifestyle that distance so is likely wouldn't part of the competition at it's not segment but it's like Porsche and it's one phase of competition dictates that that's so. That phase went away. Okay that now I applaud that going way and did the same time. It seemed like something that probably should have gone away decades ago at the very least. Mean. I am I actually am really happy that I was able to compete for Miss America when they had a swimsuit competition. And for me it wasn't so much about its. I didn't feel adept abduct defied I didn't feel like I was getting in shape to impress men are other people it was about. Being about as version of myself that I could be and the job of Miss America. Requires you to be physically that you are any different times on every 48 hours your Oliver the country's morale. Swimsuit was more about being physically fit for your body type if you look at my pictures. Miss America an enhancement to. When I stopped imposed my leg problem I look at moving it and it isn't how I know it's not get a bit about oats. The swimsuit portion that you have a problem all the problem with the holding him unable let's just focus on most of it is it is the most. I. I find the most off putting part. Of the beauty pageant because it's like. Let's get these let's get these ladies in his little close as possible a let's really see lets the other look at swimsuit via like we gonna like. Outfits freeze this. There is evening you can't. And there's not there's not like. Lab let's the other lady looks and I and a clown costumes. Waiting costume. And madam Miss America well we have on the please show yeah now well there's the show is the issue parade which is not competition but it is one of mr. American home. And the show at CU. SL but now it's back into an unfunny shoot the notes now. We'll have babies that are down an alcoholic and he each. State title there. As you know the pig feet for their years America and so mindless. On the golden girl from the Golden State so I had just easily really it's a girl did you go this route is not the goal I'm. Our hearts and yeah I know I thought about that after the fact but Imus Pennsylvania she plays the saxophone jihadist Ehrlich. And a seventeen years and I issues which it. Legitimately looked like saxophones which is really cool and just kind of a fun thing that everyone in Atlantic City looks forward till. When you're in. Atlantic City in America that the only thing going on in Atlantic City out of you guys have to go out and I've been many. The Dow so it's. You feeling really big deal and it was kind of fun and Miss America for us we are all twenty something college student that is a scholarship organization. And so when you're at Miss America and you've got police escorts everywhere and people treating you like a much bigger and bigger deal than actually IR it's a fun experience now. Lorraine walks around down. I am again mid may or may down yeah you know what things tick tick off what you're saying Gavin. Didn't adult women want to participate. In next right. Who. Are we to say that they are doing something wrong. No not not. They are of course allowed to do something. But we also are allowed to form opinions about the institution of it. And I think that in. Hide the meat to movement and Hyde of of feminism really catching fire faster than their anything ever before. This seems like it's such an antiquated. Thing. Then all eyes should be able to make the decision to go and that's if you feel like it. And should have nothing to do with your looks it should it should have it should have everything to do with who yours or even want to be but and who you are as a person and shouldn't rank women you shouldn't. Then her raped her as a wider there or what they're doing or how other draster what kind of jab shoes they have on they shouldn't walk I just personally. Feel like they should not have we should of human beings on stage that are there. Where we go like this one is the prettiest and this limits the second prettiest in this one as the third prettiest in the rest you states can just go away. If you did not just based on beauty and nine and please know dealing and this is not going to be I am not saying this to be a fan now you are not a teeny tiny girl I'm not your not a step out and well obviously they are I mean you're stunningly beautiful and tough and don't give me. I mean for got him as top. Am but. Obviously and many layers of things that go into that and I actually feel like. It comes I don't know that much about beauty pageants. It's like us coming from a place of slight parents if you think. Only is their locks it and that I think it kind of. I think that's Torre comes from is people who. Don't understand what the organization is about and don't. Know what some of these girls and a man his organization have done for example. Miss California 2000 she graduated top of her classes Stanford scored a perfect score on her and cat by 35 was the head cardiology department that. Your side I think drank so like. This is a scholarship organization Miss America 2013 just one. Prime area for our congress and Alabama. Being pretty is part of it. State that's not part of and I went no it's not think I am now. And I don't he had to tell us a scholarship because the clearly. Somebody that he went out and if you want to be like a represented him for my key there and they are giving it okay handout journalism scholarships because your pretty big hand Al. Like I'm. Like a guitar scholarship pleasure pretty. And new secured journalist can read all about that are talking about getting a scholarship. So here's. My I can hang yes so my thing is there are so many and I'm not saying I'm. For this lens upon edition I'm not saying I'm against getting rid of it like I said I'm kind of curious to see what happens with that but I am happy. That I was able to compete and I'm sue because I have. You know I've never felt more confident and I did and it miss Americas when suit and the way I see it if you know. No one. Makes you compete and there are other ways to earn scholarship of competing in swimsuit is uncomfortable for you marry you can write an essay and it you know explain all your academic accolades and your community center. And opt out you could have opted out and another is America that this organization though that you can I like scholarships aha and cell for Miss America. It the swimsuit competition there have been planning a farmers have stepped up and talked about how. Swimsuit helps them create a healthier lifestyle wasn't about and if you my pictures from California my video or my picture of me as answer Miss America I am not a must physically that. Person I did not have a six pack but I was healthy for my body type tour and if you look at our current Miss America car as she was not these sticks in his little girl she's a graduate of Duke University student raised on her own over 80000 dollars and make a wish foundation. And there's. No doubt that you guys are all good people rag that's never been in question it's the thing. It's then it's the world that's what I don't like I have now are lucky kind of big question now because what sounds like you are basing at 100% on. This is a looks thing and we've already established that looks is a big part of it. Is the big part of it like one of the other things that they added is that. They said that they're going to changing the evening gown competition a little bit and I'm not quite sure how that's going to play out and I think that's what you. You criticize things that there there not a size thing by abound that the days there officially no longer going to base looks on anything that they face then and there are no longer going to judge lament. On based on their appearance but I think he I want I even had to save that means that they used to well I think. I think a lot of this comes in response from what happened back in December earn their as the big email scandal at their former CEO of Miss America. Where some not nice things or sad about former titleholder I had forgot about that and Tim Nevis seems a little bit because she's came out and regulated as now. One the girls who want your. Missed a tying thirteen yeah now gaining weight afterwards and they have the leaders of the organization had these back channel emails were they were. They were door opener apart for gain and weight. And an. The ball and I don't encouraged that we can. You know that's where icy. Both sides because that particular Imus America when I after the swimsuit announcement came out. And she said Cutley contractually. When you win Miss America you are not allowed to post pictures of yourself in a swimsuit and offer your year so and that sent it doesn't really make a lot of sense for. You'd be competing in a phase of competition where. You're right and why did you it not okay you win okay but there are other girls that talk about you know it's more about the lifestyle and the fact that it takes. Hard work to be able to do that it's about being healthy. I don't care which become obese. Gained like ten pounds or somebody like Audi. It was forty accounts are even are peaceful largest single state looking the same as he did when you won you know there's nothing in the rules about that did you think that we Miss America ended in a different state every 48 hours. She's exhausted she's indifferent I got so of course the game away your genial prepping lemmings and how long did you gain for people that Parker I don't O'Donnell does she live she is a smack in 2013 and she went live a couple of days now live mean on a spokesman. And said that when should Miss America that she was 124 pounds and now she's 160 so it's. You know fighters later I don't know on five I don't know how different light on why why are you having a different reaction at ten pounds vs forty have a 'cause that somebody gained forty pounds in like a month it cut her Mike that's like. While not they should have been concerned for her like that does she have a tumor. Like I know is over years I thought it was over I don't like a month detailed event that mean their lives. Talk when she came and went fourteen to give up her title. That she had but to me that was in the angered me like she's in every 48 dollars is not just not time to maintain. This is seat that she had when she won I do not I I probably not going to fit my Miss America down and I crown xmas California don't say yeah I'd probably blow out but. I that is such a high standard and I know I'm able to get myself to that point a physical fitness again. If you know I put in the work like I did before. I when I started competing IA I've probably lost over point five pounds in years competing for swimsuit now because. I knew I wanted to emas Californians and I was five and I was just a part of it. And the more I competed and the more I worked towards having a healthy lifestyle it's not about. Being a total hard body and if you have a healthy lifestyle and you answering machine pick that aren't I don't know how our final. Healthy lifestyle and you eat right and you go to the gym you're going to look somewhat decent and as well. If you watch might miss California watch me prove you wrong. The thing is I feel like. Most people in general feel a little uncomfortable in a swimsuit regardless of whether you're at the beach the Adam pulled party or what I read certain. So instead of you know Terry down these girls for competing in swimsuit why not celebrate the fact that they have the confidence to go out there and do I could. Green Buckeyes there a bit 'cause. I think it is sending a message. To other people who watch that that seeing women in bathing suits and then. Feeling like you can objective by them and ranked them. Is. Is a wrong message to us. And he idea that women have to change their behavior. Because god forbid somebody else has the wrong idea about it well that's going on for ever and my thing is if there is. I is not about objective trying women if you talk to most of the girls compete might you guys when I mean I wasn't teenage boy and wind but I wanted to visit America pageant came on. Like the guy on the football team we're like you coming over an idea why are we supposed to change so that. Just became a pro I get why it started right it was all the Biden and four men like that yes and actually okay. When this started it was eight swimsuit competition. And back in nineteen money's what they did was very objective by me would stand there and measure girls and not a super. The women know how they here's the thing is that it did high school boys you're talking about that are going to a jacket by the women in swimsuit. They are going to all. Objective I attract women no matter what there. Why give them another an eagle at the bottom line is. I'm happy that they're getting rid of the elusive thing I hope they get rid of much more than that my hope that it just ends up being talent competition. And we get another America's Got Talent miss America's Got Talent problem that might just do that okay. But I appreciate you coming on the show though. And having a discussion about it. I think. If you judged a local competition in nineteen if I. Ended errors today is that and the first stabilized he kind of table with all the contest thin and I like at different organization only what it was until it was just it. Beauty pageant but there. They're not asked to judge a Miss America panel and a miss Sacramento county competition who will miss Sacramento county alarm Marten is going to be competing for miss California. Am in two weeks and weeks I'm. But the local competitions. And pageant that. I was a judge for. First round. Was the interview portion. And that was weighted more happily than anything and that's great. That's it should be it should be all of it you know where it's Morton were Lux has nothing to do with it anymore I don't wanna. First grade he answered and I also competed as a team and teens and his organization do not compete in swimsuit they do a physical fitness routine that usually involves a push up and kick in. Onstage is really difficult. Physically. Putting kick in like a high kick again. Currently erotica I don't know that but that's on sale because we don't want the teachers to do and why a round house and credit. This team's. MP enough physical fitness is a petition and when I aged out of the teen program and in my first years immense as a senior in high school. And I IA. Did not was not super competent in my body but I knew this since it was something that I had to deal. Am. One of the things that someone told me a swimsuit is one from an. Because if you can log out and Simpson and you can look confident and and portrayed that you have no problem with how you you're comfortable in your arms in Britain than that it's. Usually we're the score comes from if a judge knows what they're doing. And I think if you watch the finals night for miss California last year and got talent. Because my body was not where I wanted it to. When I was there last year but when I made the top fifteen. I was stoked to be there and IA was happy to walk around in my swimsuit and show the hard work that I put in because. The six month leading up to miss California when I won my local print preliminary competition I was taking 26 units in working and then getting right at California on top so. The back but I was able to do all of that. And improve my health I was just happy to be. This is a Gillian Smith from gas valley she's been miss California Tony seventeen Dickey very much for coming quietly sitting. Raymer so sorry we didn't let you talk I had somebody passionate and I know. I didn't wanna I don't interrupt you. Could just because your but the total total are behind her. Yeah.