Missed Connection

Monday, October 16th


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And I think by the end. It's Monday every Monday we'd go to Craigslist and find. Love that is miss. Colin missed connections only the golf course the first look for okay. This is so I don't let the younger. World. Woman from. Are on sunrise me late forties seen Indy blond hair sitting at the bar you maybe mid twenties charming. Here serving. You explain the they Europe makes college list and that is she initially admitted that I've never heard of such as saying who put put the year adorable you said it would she made me blush you may be some sort of whiskey drink with a sprig of something I never had before. You sure you watching mead shrink your potions. And they reuse. And then Boris to wall married gal. I'm never met a man so committed to his job and the history of it even dress did an old tiny costume that is fun. Please email me back or me on a year if you'd like to make. In that their per I feel bad for her chair and I don't like you're okay Tony right I'm not a fan of the bartenders who called themselves mythology this study. Your bartender a jab and I'm really good. Figured good Barton hit a what have you good leg. Play and drinks as love made you know make your bartender and if you're making any an alcoholic drink gas like what your bartender okay what she said she'd never heard and it makes solid tennis and he said you're a door on. Do you think he actually said in a. Yeah her adorable though that was absolutely. I'm glad I think I ever bonds did you would expect from somebody you think there mixology a mix. It just sounds like you run a wedding DJ company but oh my god at the center aisle. Okay I ecologists. Like. Didn't do additional schooling and a. Compared to bartender if they didn't. I'm saying that that's not important and that's what that makes them but a bartender wait so what school would you think that they went to. I'm used a barge hitting the schools but it's like you get out and doctor ha well I have about the old tiny cost him. How do you think Dag you get that as you walk across the stage and you get here passengers epidemiology. I think you're actually it is a good deal of background right congratulations Sime here's your best three sleeve that's. I didn't end exactly weather out there that it's disconnected than going to golf would. I fly bell -- name starts with an M man for woman might co worker and I. Stop didn't today right as your office was closing he was buying belts for his grandpa. Well and I was just kinda hang around until I made a purchase. I could not help but notice how adorable you were. If I was not so shy and didn't only know you for three seconds I might have asked you out for drinks. Now I'd spent like 510 minutes which is a considerable amount time on Sunday night and he Dooley. Is why belts. Like like hipster bar that I don't know about. That was my first thought to not hot meal Google machine and it's not pin Isabel cubs and the. Company has store but they apparently are insanely successful. Thank you know why couldn't tell yeah I guess they do made some sort of new belt it's wide belts at all I think we would all love some belts. So after figuring that out I then went back. And re read this this connection thinking clearly that all they went to love bill. Store which I didn't even know that there might co worker and I stopped in today right as your office was closing stock. Can eat is my co worker and nothing more you know Gary loud and she had taught me into doing some dumb things with her. We have gone to bat that's your. All I gotta. Tell me you did have a bad bet. We have gone to Michael's that was actually my hands hands yeah we've done some dumb things to gather strength. One would I ever agreed to go if Katie went hey coworker of mine and that's and even the belt score. I've liked it and accented in fact he was buying belts for his grandpa. Now she goes. Well I'm we. Good old store and other thing that ever. No I. And then you go after Bible Belt for Graham and none like that would kill Bill Clinton really is still are such good friends. He moral supported him he why I named him for his grandpa bell purchase. Any candidate. Eric sketch of a war. If you don't think I get eventually Wear you down into the boy did you led to the ball throw at me and you think president why not to get there early C a guy who's sort of going to be an Arab verbally abuse emblazoned geragos. Both ways is the initials say stop the meal like hears the bell for you oh nevermind this would have that you are a few years ago I faced up. I. How you parent or she'll say something which actually might be true where she just goes so I talked to your mom.