Missed Connection

Monday, November 20th

The Wake Up Call read some more "Missed Connections" they found on Craiglist:


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Wake up call. 1865 the end of Monday. Time to go to Craigslist or. Re connect that lost loved and we thought we had it's called miss connections on the makeup call. Katie wanted to first trip thing. This time Sheldon. Food stamp place. And it is man for me is that it's cold. Eyed I don't think so I'll buy it organ and it. You may end of the pretty girl and sat to the right of me. Probably on her press he took a phone call went outside the forehand he turned to me and said. This is business we kept looking at each other. After the Rendell and you've licked your lets on and off could tell that was army ever someone else. The pretty early came into what did start crying yeah. Step I should go out and get you she said no because you would doing mergers. I see deter and eventually had to dig our home because you left after appointment. You seem like a pretty bad friend at your super hot it's laid do you think I get over look at Ali back there in ninety days if you wanna meet. What's going all year OK that was the end of the lot there so every met with the food stamp plays well. Waves I mean I is so it's where you go to get your fill stadiums I don't know where food stamps come from I. Government but they're not mailed to you oh maybe to goes some place like sign up initially. Okay. There's a girl that super super high. Do you know alone she's. Kind of a crappy person. How much are we president ditching the friend a guy how much are you willing to overlook that began this guys seems we overlooking the fact that it's. This due dates his friend based on his hot yes. The answers are a lot a little not at all Moore answered the same time on three ready 1230. Wow pool re even there. Mean you so sure a lot. I. I mean he's not her friend. See that but you what you really like a fist crime it's just being an awful person. A it can end. I can't get that oil didn't play it I dated my share of holly I'm in that time were very shallow. Sounds like you have a lot in common this is why I'm still single yeah I know. This green's defense old girl that's a really good friend her friend out she's in the backseat EU and I think he'd be in the. Or browse I think he could be a good friend and there's an ever dream being a good friend. And being obsessed with your friends before everyone else and those people do eggs. Sure from where they do. This does not know the clearly you know I'd miss connections on the wake up call seeking a girl from mesa there today. Man for woman. I've been at an unfavorable point in my life lately. There was someone. Well I found this actually heard you saying oh after I read that for real idea. There was someone from high school that made me feel like nobody else ever could. Even to this day. I don't really have any way of knowing where she is now but it she's still around I hope to amend my. Asked mistakes with hair we both like de mesa very high school. And we're in the same grade girl out. Our first names began with a V8. Do you think you may be hurt and wanna discuss this further. Tell me our names in response isn't even if you're not. And you wanna party responded. Well and all he certainly turned a new leaf as any weird number. That we all turned to new leaves a really bad for the day I feel bad for him and then at the very end its like oh this is an open invitation. Wide right I like define the original person but. You must join the party. Let me know usually you find that on this connections like my bleeding heart. I miss use oh my one and only love mode or anybody right you know fat he's just better. The wake up call.