Missed Connections

Monday, July 17th


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He's still wake up call 1865 PM meets Monday. After eight long. Craig's list and this past two. This deal first. The price well what's. Whose mild hot I hometown of saying the demand for me hey. A eyesight you know hometown buffets on fourth of July. You like you're ready to par and we stared at each other when you've got up to get more mashed potatoes but I got scared and last. Maybe we can meet the same restaurant it's one of my faith and Sahara Desert hit me rat yeah. Nothing against. Hometown the effect yeah but it's a bush today is your favorite. Restaurants okay. You're probably not very beatable you know why is fat. Any place that offers. English food like little breeze you go always because you can't even enough ever. Kick out of one yeah bell is different though. That is what the football team and that was Kirk a Chinese prevent all get a bad man literally they told us we eat too much. Especially shooters out of the restaurant yeah well about time we were unfavorable I'm I am surprised that you are someone that blended. Ever go to all of a fate. Because of your condition and if there's food stall on the table. It has. To be eaten I don't like wasting food I don't like the idea that somebody else is wasting food is that in general or just the face Ole wheel well is I nightmare but I'll buy it but generally sell the three let's go out there. And then I Katie wolf will leave. Our food on her plate because she's very small check and god bless solemn. If that happens I gotta eat even a bomb full seeing any curfew to me out here that it's cleared off the tee up. The ample but three of us went to lunch recently bit the true story rain you had to leave early get the meetings unlike teacher you know you're content. You have. I was in baton Keating's son Gavin stayed so I didn't have to September myself and so then certainly look. He ate the rest of the Fries from your plate event and I understand he'll reach across the table. What it's told them rice could tractor but yeah yeah what. Do what I do that though he can't imagine I know. I've not done well but it like got behind. I don't need gap and then he added I'm the only one cares to guess they that is why food is left Yahoo!. You had a three lunches that actually technically three and a half because somebody else was having soup about blunt Pollyanna and they didn't finish their soup and I know them that well so I wasn't really gonna like eat their soup you dip French right I did drains French write them a little bit. So my point is. Yeah and I might. Jim guy and didn't do the principal so hot shots or hide its missed connections on the wake up call all right here we go. Dog park this morning 9:30 AM blind. Men for warmer and this from Citrus Heights I was sitting in you walk by my eyes attacked my heart. You are a treat for the sole how many dogs that I have. And what color was mine. To believe them moon seems like basic okay connection name. IC would this guy did there he and it's pretty clever okay. Dog park yeah that's where all went down. I was sick game you walk us. AM. My eyes attack. Do you see that. The good. Yeah. I Don. I'd buy but he's putting it all and end you'll treat. And like all the news how many dogs I have I got nothing on that want. The brilliance. I I mean I don't feel like I did Vinci coded that I feel like it's pretty obvious it. Actually seems like this is how you'd trick a dog's owner and mommy right 'cause it got fur baby running out of gas isn't out to see the I'm not know that subliminally me. He finally you are talking about rain and and I think that's. A subliminally. Landing in your had planned senior had got out and by the end of that you're sitting here saying. Your waking you're attacking and much like rob. Langdon in the Da Vinci code might I add to this police please till I would've added this sentence I want to all you up putting up all. Appalled Yemeni defendant says that makes annually. You like your hands did my eyes atop my heart doesn't really make eyes I was actually very reliant. This I'm really down owner but UD heal my heart. Good guy he registries and know I don't think we are if you or someone else you should leave it. You are yeah you go but I wanna Judas I thought.