Missed Connections

Monday, November 6th

The Wake Up Call read some more "Missed Connections" they found on Craiglist:


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All the wake up call. 1865 the end. Everybody get a look at can't get Craig's list the CB could reconnect love. Told missed connections only can call. We'll see a first look all right I was literally about to say I'll go first moment I found anyway I can buzz it Gavin keeping it. And this is titled. Beautiful blonde up from Folsom lake Kuhn the mandrel Latin we. Well you were hiking around full sunlight he said you're on the solo height and that's why you we couldn't hike together I appreciate that you were clearly on a spiritual. Quest and determined. Anchors selfless nature are. I assume. You're a beautiful woman. Oh and Kirby and well I'd love to know you romantically what I would also love the is for you to join me for a spiritual retreat that I am leading. We will do flowing body work. I have created a self help me menu all that I believe you will create peace in your life that you're seeking. There. Yeah. But please just send me your. Contact information we can work something while. That now first I'll bet you thought she said. I am doing a solo walk could just to avoid this guy's exact I thought people do that bright corners and it's weird to whack. Go on soul walks why is that yes and I find it extremely weird my uncle does that he flies to the desert. Yeah we like around there blocked. No. Don't you mean like a spiritual quest why yes sure are and I and and I'm gonna guess that this didn't happen. Where your read the boats and jet skis are both from lake your volley well like on the weird Eddie Murphy property. Folsom lake and she was just. Trying to get her steps and Mike this wasn't the bike path where he could have his pick and many soccer that was out there night it was somebody who was by themselves there and people will go on walks by themselves. Freaking me out and I'm worried about them like my uncle Toni. If flyers that Philadelphia all the way to the desert he picks different states and then he goes for a week through the desert by himself. That's sound like hey it's what Jesus did actually I am being it's also how about one guy lost an arm when he had matured off we felt like. Yeah every single time people's college amoeba like I'm just gonna go solo I gotta go I'm not gonna see you again I give them a big long hug and. Or maybe. I'm never gonna see that arm and you're gonna meet a mistake that's gonna try to take all your money like that lady album art be impressed. Orb. Barry turned off. By someone. Feels like they have their crap together is so hard. But they're to create a book mania all keys mean for other people ever to get. The aircraft and I mix of both get everybody in. In this room knows one particular person that we all used to work with early stadium I did. Who has turned into a self help guru you and I am I have equal parts. Outline and eat and another equal part of like. Pure admiration at the end and respect the walking man I listen to a walking you. And I don't think that kind of like the and look up. I don't know all that life is way better than ours but he is definitely happier. And I I wish I could do that the slightest thing goes wrong when my day. And then I'll just like well. Yeah I guess. Season major job problem in his life and he's just like the odd the flood came up for a reason to. That I can fix this and tell you how like six did I tell you know I have taken Sharpton. Right. I have started heading toward toward the path that Gavin has laid out for me. My hair before I am men even more likely to keep my mouth shut about stop and more. Ended. I held or Africa or I did that deal. You still have a Yeltsin highlight not. Lee well there will be a small fee I. I didn't miss connections are going to guard Devin can be girly grocery outlet in green haven all Bulldog. I was in the aisle and was reaching to get the Turkey gravy. And you were there are looking at the cake batter and you backed up in demeaned as you had headphones on and did not hear me say excuse me. You rub your ass on the front of me and then that. I turnaround totally red in the face as you read thought I was your boyfriend. I liked it this it was sexy and don't worry about the mistake. Don't freak out. What does it say about me. The only thing they get bulb goes on and keep the good. They. Didn't want. It is. Now on our cycle the.