Missed Connections 3-20-17

Monday, March 20th

The Wake Up Call read some more Missed Connections that they found on Craigslist


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Good morning you wake up call yeah. Five CM yeah good morning hey good morning again. Non pay her Mondays Mondays Mondays Mondays on the wake up call we like to view his connections when Armas commissions. It's time for restrictions. On her. Just on the wakeup call. Parents and enjoy a beautiful. I go first here in this release titled hauled discreetly guy hosting near campus Maine for a woman. Starts off I have my own place and I'm looking for someone who would like to get together and full around what every year definition. We have to come back that I wanna sleep kids it's a lot impossible how can I I'm open to fine with no strings. If we. Well the answer and and tall average build and disease free he would be interested. Please no fake response this outfits that are don't waste my time I won't waste your all this as should entitle to all discrete guy just asked to bury the bitter. I'm sure unforgivable the right back could Craigslist the kind of guy I will say bad. Nothing inning here makes you. Think I mean or imply is you want something sexual. Well and fourth round of what every bit. And I am a true. Yeah and that's why. We can joke Katie wanted to slight joke even though yes that's not. Yeah thank you attorneys have those guys back a little bit I mean this is definitely go looking for a hunk out. I never play that game and and with the email do you guys weren't around faith based. This here's the thing for all his words he's a liar he's is an aunt is a lie here. He says. OK here I am looking for someone to get together and pull around what ever your definition. Someone must hate this decision I joked. But had airplane with a Marion that. All right and then the next thing is I'm open to fund would know strange suit. Now so apparently she said amen I'm gonna get tired of full around what ever your definition with the following exceptions no puppets with strings I know bungee jumping right now old yes sir you know relays tying ray misled me you do have stipulations. On it in no strings don't waste my time I. Fool around and straight you are proud that I can do everything girls don't like twenty years ago are reliving those little those little weather a little boom boom is going to be. I hate that it should think from two years and I. They hit them forever. Now and I know what was that little thing with the colorful things girls or make him bracelet there repopulates. I didn't always like real popular again about but yeah that elm electoral liberal demand version of sub that we've been doing it for our guests I know happen in Bob strings here later gonna make an old sweater from the 18100. Or you're gonna make it colorful friendship bracelet he is a wanna met engine blew my rating below mad at me Yankee but he's tall he's never ability is diseased trees so I mean that is a night. Rose is these brave because he's never had sex with anybody but he. Start the whole thing off though it probably one of the best come hither lines I've ever Hearn which is I've got my own plane that. Is true is that doesn't imply at home ownership that's been why is non homelessness. Through. Night under the bridge now I don't know that's his play bad kids played tactically that's been the only good eight. OK I mean I win you. Are building. We're like lord I. And it's you are any cell so you can live under the bridge well I don't I don't it sure did this. So it's my hands and let enlarges and got it now. Hey thank you convince his guys and let. Him play with you in your Marion answer string puppets and you get there in the mom is there and I can play easier from place a comment on a predominant policy. I have my own space. My bedroom I've been there for 45 years after. Oh I think he's younger than that in my room down there flashed door and let them decide it's just no strings leaders during the door missed connections on the way to golf. Anyway I don't parent. This is titled river run and am. They may end for a woman. He's not on the red hair and Mueller's block and you saw I was that king captain and drives whale ship. I'm a writer producer Eric and keyboard artist. You don't need to be shot mom aunt next time I mean you see me come say hi indeed my queen the name is Mets. Baca has absolutely handed out some sort of rap CD. Outside of an AM PM more than once in his life. You say look at about a AJ could be kayak admit could be. I mean I think what he's good he's the king captain mood any drag load ship I think that's. The problem river. In each you literally saw strike gave them all you can't figure in this I mean dependent on the river considering we don't know him. Yeah yeah these are writer herta is there keyboard are used and it can actually happening ship that's still likes goods. It's it's either or kayak and canoe will possibly a rowboat maybe it maybe too. And or the Dixie gleaned. An actress can't rewrite it could be one of those a big fancy boat and it. Real deep Latin yeah. I'm I mean like eventually you may think he's all the river and he's the captain do you think he's the river well yeah. And wouldn't it be great if Mitch did own a giant pulled stymied the hoddle we'll lighten the movie maverick or Disneyland but oh well like you see this big thing commented. I mean because like. No. Yeah yeah. The men good birds but no at all and they did well on the. No not why do you worry one of those sure there airbrushed the mall. And some written in like a wild. Want to clarify that means my always talking about it now one shy of the use communication everytime I. That was right then I'll yeah. Home. I don't know that this goes and and even then the final include a mile an hour I'm not. Go into the orange June this Georgia and. I. Yeah. There on broad knowledge and they are the same version you can bottle full gore and I assumed they had won the deployment bubbled up and I just figured as you want to buy it he startled her armored. Pay off your kid yeah it right now. And why. And yet he is able to joke well yeah. Bad that's making the keyboard artist he's also a million. And are still in. A keyboard if we had TO 8539. And this is a church or didn't run. Yeah it is an old typewriter. Poured rain may add. Some smell. Still no and I mean you know I'm never. I did not think that would never. Spray paint Bob Bob I'm not let my. Now it would obviously go a mile mock power you I am going to meet keyboard just for you I thought well. Hawking good to. Anyhow. Here's a vital to duplicate. Mr. hawking is due to speak when. Today and is currently my stomach hurts them some time mr. nations here I'm like a cup. And he's job man for one and oh my god this Arab and out of place or person well news the American Idol fantasia and then there's the animated Disney cloud. Or this person. This is man for woman turned. T had to end the day that it. Would add. 060. Cool and all home hey game notes okay. And flow all. Game and go home. Floyd did. And he. Found all of un. Sure and play signal very important position that no one day. Hey Ed you'll have a fair does the other facilities sex with a another limb. Other than your husband. And I did this greed and winning goal one that. He then yeah. I. And times yeah. Yeah I have no idea as. Wait a hard one just inside the end.