Missed Connections 4-16-18

Monday, April 16th

The Wake Up Call tries to rekindle love on Missed Connections. 


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The wakeup call. 165. The end. Every Monday on the wakeup call we turn to Craig's list and trying connected love. There might have been lost. Its miss connections on the Capone. Was super the first don't. UC Davis the home with all that's. You said my dogs looked like they were a lot of all while you're wearing your T shirt that said something that I wanted to use it as an excuse to talk TO we were at the vet though and probably both had other things to deal with at the moment you were really sad because your dog swallowed a screw driver. Or had cancer or something I should've followed along I don't know what you were saying now. You were crying but I tried to cheer you up with those dog toys it didn't work so all what did your teacher today. Meant that. Can get those crying and a for anything Jewish. Pretty situation. And don't hit on earth how they EI tribute cheer you up when dog toys BI. I guess until we can thank all I don't know and I don't care any throw in Boca that. It's the guy who thinks like I am going to live out some sort of montage from comedy right now and I got all these props that I can use. Who aren't gonna do he hears Hoosier I did anyway with just need to carry it out Nadal. Guys not know why I try to cheer you up. With those dog. Like he tried to given to the fix it got wet. Maybe you're right I mean think about that maybe he didn't grab us out of a rubber snake he died on the media well yeah. I thought in theaters this summer to fall in love again. It's God's earth that I'm not that. We always have rolled by Bellamy tree at the ready knowing rain and his. I mean worries that. Neither is the yeah it's just press club pull this you'll bid didn't really is or isn't waiting opportunity and I'd be shocked. Now some of the things I am ready to go for this or RadioShack I'd been good for you buddy too big band every event. Rolled me by Bellamy street goes with every thought he monetize the hot guy pay. Yeah Larry and I don't know how about add and I don't usually get up and blocked out better and. And spirit. It's missed connections on the lake and complicating it is titled court lover. And that's me and for. We hear on Craigslist and had a passionate night of love making. We met first at spaghetti factory and shared a Shirley Temple or going back to my place where you should do sneak. I will. Do that dust off my finger. Do you fed rate to belabor what's your favorite so I've got several packages. X. Turned out to be worth every penny. A lot. Evening no longer works so I'm forced to contact you here please hit me back I found some disgusting new flavors. You did hey now play in this guy's defense here is the dues yet X. Every woman that will lick your fingers for what ever root out OK I mean you don't expect her to disappear and you all of Felix did real. Sure there look at the level of Timothy. L level that it could see on the first date with the person that you met on the licking course not that's not someone's fingers right away he. Eight not your first time doing it and the facts are BES. I'm not somebody. Can't be here how would you be story right. Good by the way. He's you know. I never I I think I've only eaten them twice in my life and it's could what does the group like weeds then it's why they're good wit he. Said that they were sharing your Shirley Temple right. Is it because he could not afford to. You see your complaint about the cost of corn Matt. Which I have looked up BI current cost of corn and in this you race in this type of economy right on if you abide seven ounce package of corn nuts snacks rain and it should Wal-Mart okay it's a dollar forty. You have to it's a minimum quantity at zoo. Yeah I went to court mats dot com might be the only person that ever want to. And if you're wondering is their version of corn that's not come in ads and yell yes there and above sea buckle up. Barbecue. Yes she. Colin have all fun. Other than it's yet to do that yeah our how radio chatter. Out and one more the ultimate crutch he kind of like that encourage her. Newton metal bands and every old person that's not.