Missed Connections 5-21-18

Monday, May 21st

The Wake Up Call try to rekindle love on "Missed Connections". 

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The wake up school. 165 the end. Money is on the wake up call we do missed connections. This is where we go to Craig's list. And trying to reconnect that love lost. And by the way if you include a week appalled when a six by the end it on your missed connection. You are more likely to get a read right here on the show so. If you feel like. You saw someone that you've had a connection listen if you. Include us for yet include us that we know hey. Really our newer shows so I can meet all of my life me two of my life. Right yeah I've been looking for and I know I haven't gotten it there I'll go first hint. This connection at the old sugar mill. The culture in the Weiner I'll. Go to the casino. Queen will then did a casino and and that would be good thing inning. Well this is a long shot you were working. And I told you I'd dig geared doc Martins. You said. I like your denim vest. After that got somewhat awkward because I didn't wanna pass Leah while you're working but holy crap. I'd like to take you well sometime and show you might back boy. I have. AJ is I can't scratch myself. Let's arrived. Fat boy is a motorcycle is yeah yes. Yeah I thought it was something else I can do is show you my obese shot and that's a huge. Wow. Food. Is. This sugar well what the casino let's let's let's like reversed as and go back to what you thought all the things aren't and you don't deserve to relish the casinos and easier to do a lot of casino gets she works there yes Sheila and doc Martins he's wearing denim vest everything ninety's is new by the way he's just gonna say that yeah not men and then a bass. It's like what. Where all yeah it may. Well all K I got it we asked if she'd seen the more along the lines of clientele. Wardrobe. For casino as opposed to winery I don't expect people. To pull up on on. Bat boy brag on with a denim vest at a winery to noisy yeah that's well you know. If you know kind of thing. The plays of the personal works they're very doc Martins so it seems like why I thought maybe you like she was that like a ninety's themed bar something like that. At this stage and is busy parent. Is probably double again ninety's are big big guy I can. He's an eighty full would be ninety's deemed Barbie called in the casino all all that know all. That makes me think I'm gonna see sketch comedy show ranked. Although I do I do that deal lower than you do is read something like well like a word there was like a bit like two Wheeler. I like that boat gracious bode days. It right that's great taste in let's go to the location bar huh. I'd miss connections are going to Caucasian. This is a light rail money in his man for woman we saw red light rail together about seven years ago we always chats. I know your favorite high is he con who and that you're engaged to me and didn't love who was a banker that comes from Boston nobility. I confess I wish I had a successful Mallard arms day. I was placed on administrative leave from my job. At the time for allegations of misconduct and haven't seen you sense if you see if I'd love to catch up. And must keep. Really do our Mallard it's an and I do you there that's interest and. I raise and road just ducks and Mallard ducks he wanted to or he has won his three that's how draining so. The last seven years or not. So do you think that dream started and all of a sudden there were allegations of misconduct ten Connecticut and administrative leave. Because he's she is America. For her too well okay alleged missed 1 evening to misconduct was Maria I guess asking. Female coworkers if he can try on just one of your earring that the sky and you be creepy air rage in a locked up still. Array and some female sales salesperson. And said in those earrings are beautiful I try one on. They be weird Alley that is created I think it's almost creepy you're if he knew. What a relative strangers favor pie ones but that's how that seems invasive. Does he told a lucky guess I know what does still good to drill down into that level of information. Teams invasive. And ready to beg. Came up in the conversation I I hope he's he came every day went three rep I'm cards. Who would questions. And just just rolled through on our favorite animal tell you all my man that the Mallard could. Dubai. Peak not a I hardly Miller. Now now yeah.