Missed Connections 6-18-18

Monday, June 18th

The Wake Up Call read some missed connections that they have found on Criagslist:

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All one of those things IBM's. Every Monday Emily could call we do miss connections this we're gonna Craig's list trying to connect love. The might have been mosques. Need to first. The wow I'm. Seat create drew vina winery. Man I'm. No leave the music up please let me. Who though Kayla. I know it's a long shots you or someone you know will see this. But I really was taken aback by U. Your smile. And your demeanor. This is James. We met at secret revealed winery in Loomis today Father's Day a guy came. I'm full 45 and I talked with you you're a mom and your nephew Nicholas. I'm very delightfully on our. I felt we had a connection. And George change in the low but didn't know the best way to as they say pulled the trigger. As I shared. Recognize your mom for and why isn't. I winery. But. You have a very memorable face. I would very much like to grab coffee sometime in meet you. Well formally. If anyone reads this post and knows they came up from Wheatley and whose mom's name is Didi miss. And data they Joseph Lorraine Jeff I cannot remember. For the hurt thank you all James. She don't. I don't want to stereotype. But. This you come across amiss connection from a winery to Lofton right. And when you do know it's this it's yeah it opens it's a full letter as opposed to like usually it's like yeah. Now. Why are. You skull. Yeah this is beautiful. I think there's a couple things we can definitely count on. With Jacobs. Wears on about shoes doesn't have about of course I had him love is a bold patterned shirt. It's. It is very well Clinton okay who may end it often brings up that he went topped Oxford University he divorced bought us but a Smart Car. Often goes to wineries will heed reference why now villages and Lincoln I B I'll I mean I do like that he is he's Mickey you're right out of the slasher countywide around yeah always puts his recycle bin outweigh in the recycle guy comes every week I Arlen regardless every all ready chastise somebody who doesn't run verbally about Disney does tied with. I I have some bottles give a recycled and you don't have recycled and all. When I was an Oxford re all only records I got a. I'd say this connections and really good golf this is I don't public library and its Ambien for a woman I see you opted not. When I stop in that T get worked dad and you beautiful well dressed well groomed and seem like he did good conversation analysts although I never spoken to yell. There's something about you and I I'd like to know you on a deeper level and too afraid. If you can and less some of the books that I generally check out and it was selling known TO. Okay a couple of points OK one librarians can be sexy it's the job something about the job. If you really is being too many sexy movies what scheck's movies involve a librarian. Early Hague trial. But like if your middle of the road sexy and your library he got picked up and not chat to I don't like it when a man referred to women as well groomed that is something that should be applied to men and horses who had never thought of that pages doesn't sound right shore and then. While I don't remember okay how you eat your third point was going to need. Public library maven who is not like he's college student team and eat up a library of what to do and a library. Bomb at the of these kids that I imagine it's announced there to get this work I'm right. To me and sound like a person that does not have a computer or is it a lot dammit they're not in their apartment. And that. And then the thing Owens he is physically checking out books. Florida is more right. Whoopi and it asks what are some of the what are some of the books do you think did he is checked out I hope that all our encrypt oh zoology like he's just checking out books on big flood and the are aliens. They clips of self help what ever I. We did dad only thing that leaves in doubt give spears the gallery has piled all up high and be like. Just do in Jersey devil researched this week case Gerald I could pick.