Missed Connections 6-20-16

Monday, June 20th

The Wake Up Call read some more "Missed Connections" they found on Craiglist...


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You wake up call all I'm 107 now. Katie like he stepped out of the dream man or woman I 7-Eleven stocking up on coffee and read all. When they are you are listening. All six speed and yell may lose even more you quickly paid to feed you'll your vehicle and left before I had a chance to say eight. You're the woman I didn't streaming down. Average looking men and slightly shorter than you but I don't mind I'm a proud. But six inches and I want to imply mean like a tree you dune sea and in. Philly every rose and so why is that route if I'd system. When your in your shorts. Don't think Klein you like a degree well it's not good that's not good. Also like the kind of guy who's who talks about his caffeine addiction like it's cool. Yeah I gotta go buy some warm monster drinks or like later monsters so much that they have to slap a stupid. Nurture. A big fan of like Schumacher's jelly. We'll pick on my choice I think it's smokers and I ever. Well turn aficionado you pronounce that the way that in the native tong is at it and I imagine people are. Just imagine the people of the monsters figures work for at least what I one point worked well. All and all I know that I wanna imagine that. He did things I may really loved ones are are they really love stickers and the. Hey can I. The same thing with Red Bull sad like I had to go and restock on coffee and Red Bull. Right let me get cool did you drink Red Bull and coffee it. All our you know who worked so hard all I gotta get my pumpkin. And how are you anyway. Loud you know why there's so many elements of the I am happy to ignore all of them and just appear and are. About you know hurt the god I hate treadmill with mother nature is but debt on. Drawn dad's like yeah I you aren't hurting your know eleven people on that aren't even know I didn't think feeling he was bragging and out it. We invite you once he. You and I bring it up he's anyways so weakened describe who he why is obviously he's the only yeah. I give you an electoral saudis like I am before when I took off my Oakley sunglasses. The reality is this guy. He headed the thing that jumped out to me the most is back he's music climate tall woman which is insulting and so many levels I guess value you monster. I'd love to kiss you refer to kill your months. I have to scale you're a skyscraper like building. Men missed connections on the way to go to heaven. June 18 Pasco man for woman newest Saturday around 5 PM I had to have images printed. So I sat in the food area for about an hour. You were working so I didn't know how to say hi without disrupting you. We've had back then. We traded glances and you smiled. You have blond hair and was and it was partially tucked behind your left here and acute casual way. But it was your smile and a special leave the genuine way you spoke to customers and kids will be at that cost go every day. Around the same time for the next nine weeks. Want to leave them. Please don't think almost soccer. I have to be there to get like images printed every week it would be nice if you said hi Val. So the reason why I'll have to bat for the first time is it's somebody I know you're working so I didn't know how to say hi without disrupting you. Anyone working at and plays like that. You're disrupting them Blake that's what they're they're for yeah I mean there at their jobs instant shock healed enough for social things in New York to them they hear or we weren't the jobs that we he did and if you work costs go you hated it I know you know. They love I know there's one personally love that. No actually I think I asked people ordering cost bullet really love it and are doing really great place to work or and then you are disrupting them if they love their job he loved portions and samples. Little more venomous words please vengeance stock in the shelf with a big smile on their face and you go excuse me were the ball parts Nagle. Not valid. And boom. Well well well I only enjoy why it's so are among black. And you can't do it. You put it any. Yeah yeah it's sad. But. It did to me the hey. Here's the kids ask. Him your mountain so much and it. And loving you so much yeah nothing to pleaded hey Donna let me insult my each of us tax you. You get a gray. No. I.