Missed Connections 7-16-18

Monday, July 16th


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Call 1065 PM. On Mondays we gonna Craigslist and trying to connect loves the might have been lost. Because I missed connections on the Lincoln called. Tell. Not sure Al splash at the Ratner. Tall blue eyed guy he Eric nice tan nice. Other things. Look for tall bikini clad blonde I saw while I was skinny dipping. I show you the my name is Dennis but it was around the time you and your friends relieving so I didn't get your name. I don't you are looking. I enjoy feeling that cool water against my bare skin and try to get their at least once a week to become one with nature. If you Stevens perhaps next next week you could joined replied back and we can Courtney. So some girl was just flowed on the river and then she sees the naked man. And the naked man just stands up and goes. And it's there was nothing. There is him shouting them back and forth at them before I don't. You really wanna get a guy that UC naked at shouting stuff to you from a river. And also ladies don't they demand who your first time seeing him he would make it. That's not gonna and well as you're not matter why Adler and ugly. Regularly. Hit the eighteenth to prep for off prude but I think skinny dipping a really weird thing for people who video. And I just got a really understand why. What has had to tell how different than swimming at a bathing suit oddly I don't have a mesh culture around to meet this holy I am rule. I'll definitely feels different I think she saw something you guys when you're swim trunks like he said mash ouch inside swim trunks really. Between the difference of between being naked and not being naked right swim trunks I mean I feel like appeals. Court right now is just pools. Even gotten into the people who were acting weird those who go skinny dipping not holes rivers and ponds. Linux and you're gonna get an infection if you walk. Absolutely got to get an infection I read a story once about a out fresh did slim it all out. He. That's the thing that thing you want. That. You. Today we got a text that asked the question he had nice parts standing in cold water question mark. A great point. They should and bright bright in every aisle claim they have nice parts on the right it's miss connections here on the wake up call Gavin. And Richard just hope all of. And well. I know I said I was feeling guilty after those two intimate moments we shared but the fact is. I would like to see you again let however I lush or contact info. And you're not on Ashley Madison anymore. I went to that place on south street to see if you were at the next to his bombs meet up. But you weren't there either if you are out there and still want to see me I would like that. Hold my god and I haven't then isn't that like a hair product. No way I I'm actually Madison aren't as those hurdles I started Ashley Madison that named after my daughter. Ideally your guy you got. Madison hash out what the dump. And eating fatty. For married people it's yes I was wrong it's Madison read. I'm not cut. OK they are very different products married different my first obvious question is what is the goose bums me adapting you know I assume it. In his adult lovers of the books whose what else could it be any adult lovers of getting goose aren't you. The odd and I don't know that I judge should adult lovers and who's it. It is indeed above for adults who loved to bump books. Ailing cell Richard in this girl okay. They clearly are having an affair right OK not doing each other's hair and like I thought so other than having your fair and then on one of there as salacious. Secret dates. One of them brought the other one too is goose bumps and meet up correct. What I did the bowel. Made books anymore I'm pretty sure. I don't like the book club where they go all act and we read that adult. This Scott fifty S so your your OK so your telling me that there is a group of adults adults right that get together. And they go all right guys thank you very much. Would go over the minutes pleased Larry thank you know. On at the last meeting we went over all of the nuances. Hey that's just a shark. And we talked about on what that means given the context of the time that hey that's just the shark was written. Thank you Larry okay next we're going to be talking about the abominable snowman Pasadena. And how the release of that book lowered the property values for everyone in Pasadena. Carol do you wanna start Carroll thought. Digging out Richard your carry this moral club the a couple of. Wake up call.