Missed Connections 7-23-18

Monday, July 23rd


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The wakeup call. 106 by the end. It's missed connections time Milloy could call every Monday we go to Craig's list. We train connecting loved that might have been lost. You have a better chance of getting enormous connection read it here on the way to call if you do include 1065 the end for the wake up call. We've noticed that that's happened a couple of times before did stand out to us yeah yes just started out there. It was the first the first Obama. Spoke briefly at the San Francisco Greyhound. Hoped. To overtake in the bus I know. Oh okay. This is on Friday July 20. Was traveling to Sacramento from San Jose. And met a girl who had been put on the wrong bus to Sanford Cisco and had just returned from Japan. Also had a bearded dragon named father pepper. I am the guy from Illinois and explained American presidents on our money. You were crying till I helped get you to where you were going. I hope you like America. And we meet up again soon okay the reason I ask have you traveled by bus. The to have traveled by bus. Is gone hell on earth. And then to find out that after you had just traveled by bus you're in the wrong city. And after travel by bus again. It's big enough that makes you wanna kill someone. No not. The bus station. Sort of helping them non the English speaking now has its a couple of decades and I've ridden the bus okay but it might get this probably somebody. Like I would like to think so but anyway though I'd feel for the woman for so many reason. I mean pretty her own bearded dragon BA younger element box back. You're glad we all agree father pepper the great gave birth to drive you have ever heard to say they had some dialogue at some point he learned that she is from Japan had a a bearded dragon named father pepper he was explaining why presidents were on money. I don't know do it's living a lie he was explaining American presidents on our money so could be why it could be who okay could be way. Is there any. Chance that he would just talking her into instant. Nodding agree it only because she didn't know he was saying because she's clearly not English speaking. I would give that a 90% share of the day of paying right. And I will give it a 100% chance that shall never see dismiss connection. I would give it a 110 birds are pretty average doesn't want. I disconnect Zoellick and complicating. Short and sweet and missing I thought model we'd Matt I don't hear about three years ago. We had a blast taking pictures in the woods or at the beats your beautiful beautiful feet are used. Maybe I can take your little pig eased a market that's how I can I have your number anymore. So I'm hoping you see this EM response and I mean that piggy line it's pretty funny. That we really loving and get them but got off. Not that I know he he values the put too much. OK and down both horrible word came the EU beat somebody up for having a very human Spanish. All we know him believe back. On hard it is to meet the perfect person yes so you lose the perfect person that bill really bad. I imagine that you have a foot Spanish and a any Spanish and then you find somebody. Not only like understand your pension doesn't judge allows you to apartheid and that fetish with dapper today that it. That a person dumps you you're truly devastated like I would have expected much more sadness from that haven't we know that she dumped him. I mean like ghost did to. Here I'll get no more pictures of these feet. It is funny that somebody who. Is the first time they met on missed connections he was putting out an ad. I needed take pictures somebody's feet in the want ads and she went. He is now gone on now people who do that never plus what the picture about. Like all looking for a smaller model. It's. Show a lot and then they go. Can I see your feet and may go com I don't see why not shore bay and and they show the three of them they go on. That's a good start taking pictures of the and then I'm sure at some point when they were there she says like how. I think they like not a leader praised. The end of the New York yeah that well.