Missed Connections 8-20-18

Monday, August 20th

The Wake Up Call share some missed connections that they found on Craigslist in hopes to connect two lovers together:

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Every Monday on the wake up call we do missed connections. And this is where we go to Craig's list and trying. Reunite loved that might have been mosques. In green might mention your missed connection here on the we can call if you put. One a six time began if you put wake up call. Reference in your missed connection we might need right here. We look form. Must Coopers and rehearsed by our own content. Russia about. A PI 123. Shoot. I get to the virgin that in the this lets call the foreign. It's just me or does this connection not really specified man for woman anymore and they down but you could smell that I can't on this one Lee yeah I know the long shot but you saw me and offered me a ride. I have my uniform on. I told June anyway because my car was close. I'm not sure if you're hitting on me or not. I regret not taking that ride I found you very attractive and I had never been in a Lexus. I would like to talk if you're interested. Am I wrong can you tell that the man or woman. That is written by me. This is written by a man gas. So woman probably wouldn't say all of the guys and hey let me give you a ride it she wouldn't say I couldn't tell if you're hitting on me. Let's say this is this is 48 team and I and that's what dean has taught me anything. That women cannot draw a duct people just as much as the man can't and he'd never been inside a Lexus before yeah I was an assistant and let that let. Are you any says I regret not taking you up on the offer is that what he's regretting or is he regretting not getting in the car and engaging in conversation or whatever it is what do you think I may wanna believe that it's just not engaging in the conversation because to say I've never been an Alexis may be I've led a more privileged lifestyle that I thought that I had. But in that. That big of a bucket list things we check the latest delegate Delorean pulled up right at you now I've never been slated Delorean. What he is president a lot of car related bucket list items and Lexus is 'cause not you can go to a Lexus dealership and signal access death. You have to know the one of the Lexus yard to have an outline of bile accident at a given ideal it's Astride. You draw right. I and they bring it to occur. It's missed connections Italy could call. I don't sexy paying into rocks and it is definitely a man or woman. Ice looking at towels. And last my opinion on a couple of collars. I told geo. Didn't matter what color you were wrapped in you can look good no matter what might. They. Could brother once I got my card so yeah. I'm wearing a shirt that goldfish on giving the finger. I don't know I had a picture. To meet up and chat sometimes who knows maybe you'll let me try out one of those. Well happy new towels Monday and got to go first ball leapt dress that bears. Averaged gonna. Fingers. I. Track and the bull and water I don't know where we do well at Butler who has three day. What do you think daddy that goldfish and giving the finger for fisherman I. Ali and I gonna get nice and yeah. Some sort of red flagged me and I know that this is wrong did have a structure robs. I why I just feel like I don't see men at Ross you don't seem minute Ron said yeah if you see rats it's that he doesn't own it tie any needs somebody that has them very much mad by. If I was gonna tie emergency yeah I go to good well what are the top three reasons you would need a tie the Warren court running right number two funeral gas. Ask Tom and the number three needing your mom's friends Carolina. Guys don't Wear ties for about. Him Bob tells you don't you haven't seen each candidate a long time and we used him for dead junior godmother were going to be at the club at two. Do not be late. Now. Els says hey what do you think the color of these how old she's definitely flirting I ever girl says that to a guy yeah. Yes yes horse she's blind in one of the call. 'cause I don't think a woman would ever ask big guy sorry their opinion on tap and think really nice that's the only time I would expect something like that. It's like a woman is it Bed, Bath & Beyond and she's in like the rule book section. I look like a guy who owned the room. Would show you why when I am it's like he looks like he doesn't want a vacuum on the shelf and.