Missed Connections 9-17-18

Monday, September 17th

The Wake Up Call read some missed connections they found on Craigslist: 

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Every Monday alike column we do missed connections this is where we go to Craig's lists. And we ask. Did did try and reconnect love. We just throw it out there in the universe. And if he'd like to be featured on miss connections. All you have to do is mention in when a six by the end of the wake up call. Enormous connection and will likely read. I'd like to go first yeah. Hotel hot tub halt all week when it might be a bit brighter at this goes without saying man for war. I joined you in the hot tub. At the hotel we were both staying out off of I eighty I told you. That you were beautiful and explained I was the sales person for a major flooring company for the whole West Coast. North of San Francisco. I also is that I was visiting my mom who was sick with they galloped. And how I was worried I avid 20 I said that because the hot tub felt so good. Anyway I know you weren't interested but I wanted you do now. I'd like you know now personally you're doing real well and Tuesday and a hotel right off of AD NSA. Second a ball. A woman enjoying the hot tub by yourself. A year man. Gotten hot tub and a hot and she doesn't Mary please don't get not DeVon Bennett talked as a time where. I went to a hot tub by myself I hope there is one girl in there yeah it would clear I was going in the hot cup I might let b.s on. How to towel around my neck right saw heard just sit by herself but it did not today's Satan right and I just turned around and went there rumor got. Would you go like take a swim in the apple first I would. Good but it's nice. I'm so I'm gonna get out of mount while Chile right leg if she's still there not just made my night terrible Ray Allen Chile I like and Chile. Second of all. Let's talk well look like glaze over the fact that you can't say that your the salesperson. For the whole west posed. North of their group and that she doesn't. Big thing now. The provides Apollo I gas bag they need floor of the eureka tonight that. OK. Okay well what about the doubts. Legality and this should think I can happens in your feet. Or rather I don't think bill thanks now don't mention these lawyer and a hot tub with somebody in right. Your best and writes out Abner. An infection the break anything don't think we wanted to know why is Obama let him stay with her. I did and how. Hey guy how could happen. I'd missed connections in the lake gold gaining instead elder Sam went a long hair. And don't get it twisted Sam of the email on well this is me and we. Elite. You shortly plagued big booty. The longest hair I've never seen it goes. Your. I want to breed. Worried that might edit surety and didn't know that that was something that I was in two all until I met you reach out to me. About it. Is sex thing of you don't want it you know it just it's a tiny an X in I felt I think. You all see where I'm. Woman I am you also like you'll be able play with your error or. Would you call this I'm. If he was like I wanna breathe you're there. Somebody who has eaten the color of hair right and I have a lot of hair. And be sometimes like to touch my hair like strange it's weird it's. I am like. They think it's magical what do what do they touching four. I know women women mostly women and what are they touch Singapore hoping to get some I think just because there and they think it looks pretty. I don't know. The robe of Jesus I I think it's more like they just want to eat it. Canada. And so. I'd be more comfortable what it it was just like. Visit the sex thing in a day. It's just a you had touched my hair they. Have shown. Okay let me. But he doesn't have their path through the pain which know a lot of hair no should bat out of honest by the way of Italy dangerous lady. It is there's a reason why superhero should work came right on Incredibles. Om and ladies if you think I mean men too but mostly ladies yeah. It's your hair goes that long I only assume you're really into horses. You'll get denim skirt.